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  1. Anyone got any links on some ways to keep my plant short. maybe pictures too. I have to keep it under roughly a foot tall max.
  2. Go 12/12 right from the seed................
  3. If you have to keep it at most a ft tall, you are really goin to be wasting your time, a ft tall means you can only veg it till its about 4inches(yes 4 inches) cos its goin to want to strech twice its size maybe more when flowering.
  4. I dont see a point in this.

    A plant has to reach sexual maturity before it can flower, which is at about 5-7 weeks, by that time the plant will have outgrown the 1ft space.

    12/12 from seed doesnt produce bud faster, it produces smaller plants that will only flower when they are 5-7 weeks old.
  5. And when that plant is 5-7weeks you can be sure it willhave outgrown the 1ft space.
  6. Flowering has nothing to do with age. You can flower as soon as the seed germinates or you can wait years...

  7. That is exactly my point-SMALLER PLANT .:wave:
  8. im gonna try the LST. hopefully i can keep it short enough. I cant start the grow for a few weeks but ill make a journal soon. thanks for the info guys
  9. I remember reading somewhere that a plant has to reach maturity before it flowers if grown from seed.

    If you start a plant on 12/12 and a plant on 24/0, would the plant on 12/12 start flowering before a couple weeks? And the plant on 24/0 would be longer to reach maturity and start budding?

    I cant find this link, but i will.
  10. A plant on 24/0 will never flower (unless its an auto) and any plant on 12/12 will flower, regardless of age...
    (See for a plant grown on 12/12 from seed)


  11. I may disregard what I read after seeing that pic.
  12. Gotta Rep ya Loki for pointing out my bad info.
    Sry lads.
  13. seeing is believing

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