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  1. This was free. It's on wheels. 5ft high 4 foot wide 3 foot deep. Vented cage for top and bottom shelf.

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  2. Sick pick up for free .99

    Can definitely turn that into an awesome tent

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  3. Thanks, free.99 always good lol but actually I've found this nifty little nook. So I'm gonna say screw the tent and go for the closet. The closet has a nice metal bar built into the wall .. Def nice to hang two heavy duty chains to my new 1000 watt lamp I got off eBay for 125!!

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  4. Thats a nice grab! I use small ones on my foodtruck and have a larger ones in my basement housing tools and shit. Get some T5s and you could have a two story vegg /clone tent!

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  5. Food truck! What kind? I'm in a bachelor program thinking about that industry. And yeah that frame is begging to become my seedling clone tent
  6. It's a rotating menu of different foods from different places. Do your homework extensively and thoroughly check your local laws. I do it from spring to fall and I have a f.t. job. Its alot of work.

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  7. My dream would be a mobile dispensary / edibles / food truck but that would have to be way down the road when drug laws get a better haha
  8. I too have thought of that. We do a local headfest concert on private property every year and smoking is in the open. I make make some edibles myself...

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  9. Where are you located if you don't mind me asking and if you do what region. Thanks
  10. Midwest

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  11. Cool PA here so we have a ways to go medical wise.. It is up for vote very soon so I got my fingers crossed! What are u working with grow room style? Any tips? Thanks for all the info I look forward to getting down and dirty and filling out a bunch of paper work for safety and sanitation :)
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    I am running a 4x8 tent that I split in half to make two spaces. 1000w hps on both sides, 600+400. 440 cfm fan/filter combo. I will soon be getting a dark room light louver to allow air and no light to pass from vegg to flower, thus needing only my existing fan.:cool:

    I will post or send some pics later.

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