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  1. Hi! First time trying this forum and thought to say what's up.

    My name is Isabella,but go by "DJ Nurse Annabella" professionally. I am a radio DJ currently on a pirate station(Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.3FM). My show called Lava Lamps & 8Track Theatre has been on the air since 04/20/13,and I mix my own show and have interviewed the likes of Tommy Chong, Bill Ward(Black Sabbath),etc... I have interviewed over 50 well known celebrities so far.

    Anyways I am in SF,Cali where it's legal now,and I've started successfully growing my first plant this month! Will post pics of my plant in a bit. I've been smoking/eating cannabis since the late 90's too. Smoking one as I type this actually lol.
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  2. I recommend starting a grow journal up in the grow section... great way to keep up with dates and errors/fixes.

    What strains you plan on growing?

    Grow journal
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  3. I'm currently growing the Blue Crush strain! So far a month into it,and doing alright. I'll post a pic in the grow journal then.
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  4. Blah thought you said you were going to start this month misread it haha my bad

    Grow journal
  5. welcome to gc I hope you enjoy your time here :)

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