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    picked up this bong at my local headshop Mellow Mood for 55. came with a matching blue bowl but it was to thin so i bought a thicker one. my second glass bong the first was broken by a freak candle accident. the blue one is the old bong. the glass is color changing and ive used it so much i already had to clean it once. and just thought id throw in a pic of the whip. [ame=][​IMG][/ame]

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  2. nice dude, I wish I could buy a bong but I have no where to hide it argh!
  3. just get a smaller one like mine. it fits in a shoe box, not that hard to hide but it still isnt small.
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  5. ho shit yeah that bong broke... it was a good sturdy piece just it was a gift and when i got it it had a crack in it. the neck is thick as hell. the area below the neck where the buble is at the top its kinda a weak point and dont torch to many bowls in a row because the bowl it comes with cant handle it and willcrack after a while of abuse. it hit hella good though.
  6. Alright cool. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely keep that in mind. I'll torch a few bowls and pull out the Marley hemp papers to finish me off.
  7. Were you smoking in that car or is that the car you transport your bong in?:rolleyes:
  8. Nice man, I got a small one like that, it easy to travel with and bring to people's houses when I wanna toke up but not get caught.
  9. I just had to say nice song... biggie wrecks that shit
  10. as much as a i love smoking in that car i dont anmore cuz i dont want it smelling like smoke, car is mint plan on keepin it that way haha.
  11. small bongs are the shit. so easy to hide and get you super duper baked. nice rip

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