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  1. hi, i have some plants id like to scrog. i need to know if my screen 30×24 inches is big enough for 1 or more plants. the plants are 60 days veg and have been topped multiple times, healthy and about 36 inches tall but very bushy at top. most tops are already same height. also i want to place under a 365 watt led full spectrum light. how far above the screen do i want the light?
  2. Hold your screen over your plants. If it looks like it's not big enough, get a bigger one. My guess is, that screen is big enough for one plant that has been vegged as long as yours have.
    1) Is your light pulling 365 watts from the wall, or does the company market it as a 365 watt light? There is a significant difference.
    2) Generally, LEDs should be at least 18 inches above the canopy. I prefer to keep my LEDs 22-24 inches above the canopy, depending on if I'm trying to get one to stretch a bit higher. Heat isn't too much of a problem with LEDs, but light burn is a big problem if the plants grow too close. If you have the ability to raise and lower your light, maintain that distance. Keep in mind that some branches and all of your colas will grow above the screen so you'll have to raise the light higher.
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  3. hi guys. im wondering, how important is it to cut off lower growth when placing in a scrog. i put 2 under scrog 2 days ago. when should i cut and what? just fans or everything? i do not wish to clone
  4. I've used a net to scrog in the past, and I found it easier to determine what to cut if you think about it like this:

    Does it get light through the canopy? If yes, leave it. If not, chop it.

    The only exceptions that I make are if I'm trying to train the plant to allow an additional top to reach the net.

    If you're trying to decide if you should thin out the canopy to allow an additional top to reach it, consider whether or not the branch has other large leaves (will it miss this leaf?), whether or not you could just cut off the tips of the leaf in question, and consider whether or not you could just tuck the leaf in question underneath whatever you're trying to allow light to hit.
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  5. ok, great. my concern is taking away from what plant needs. my studies have found some say dont even cut fan leaves because of somtjing to do with lost nutez or something. others say cut it if it doesnt get light, great. i just want to make sure cutting some leaves in the shade wont hurt the rest. i cut all the bottom fans off a plant cause they wete yellow and dieing. now none of the laterals are growing at all.
  6. Yeah, I definitely take anything that looks yellow or struggling off of the plant, unless it's a top that I want to help reach the light. Additionally, I take off anything that doesn't reach the canopy every few days, unless I want to help it reach the canopy. I make sure not to take more than 1/3 of the foliage at any time though.

    I've never heard anyone not want to take foliage off of the plant because of nutrients, but I'm not surprised that some people follow that line of thought. I've heard others suggest that mother nature will do it's work, and if the plant doesn't need it, it'll allow that leaf/branch to die. Personally, I'll continue doing what I do because I'd rather have the plant expend its energy growing tops and colas, not leaves and popcorn nugs. If you don't take anything off prior to cola-building during flower, you'll end up with a bunch of popcorn and larf at the bottom of the plant. Done that before. Not interested in doing that again, unless I'm going to re-veg the plant.
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  7. I'm usein a Scrog, gonna flip this weekend. All the posts I've seen people either defoliate a week before and about a few weeks in, or gradually throughout the grow up until a few weeks in. I've been removing leaves to let light penetrate more easily and was thinking to gradually remove leaves for the next 2 weeks. But I've been reading and below is a cut and paste from George Cervantes Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/outdoor grow bible.

    Leave leaves alone! Removal of healthy leaves hacks up a healthy plant. Removing large fan or shade leaves DOES NOT make plants more productive. This practice DOES NOT supply more light to smaller leaves and growing tips. Plants need all their leaves to produce the maximum amount of chlorophyll and food. Removing leaves slows chlorophyll production, stresses the plant, and stunts its growth. Stress is a growth inhibitor. Remove only dead leaves or leaves that are more than 50 percent damaged.
  8. sounds right to me, but ive herd that stressing the plant in the last couple weeks of flower will produce more terpines and medicine. just curious if true. im gonna run some experiments soon. i got my new 4×8 tent comin saturday. im putting the 2 under scrog in along with 2 or 3 more. watch my updates for what i will b doing with them. we will find out. yall can trust me and if anyone has ideas for experiments or whatnot, wanta know what will happen if...
    then i will try it. i got enough plants!lol
  9. Yeah for sure I'll follow t see how it goes. I am gonna clean under the scrig for sure when the stretch is finishing up. But I think I'll defoliate as little as possible above (I was planning to prune a lot originally).

    Good luck!
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    goto this link, its my journal, to follow grow
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