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    I decided to take the plunge and start cultivating my own cannabis. I had gotten some bag seeds several months ago they looked pretty good so i decided to hold onto them for the day i decided to grow. Read a lot on the forums made the purchases of my equipment, thus beginning my journey…

    this is taking place in my secure location where I have insulated the roof put in a portable air conditioner and heater when needed and a ventilation system to the outside of the building with the carbon scrubber.

    unknown seedlings were started on July 25 via the paper towel method.

    - 2x3 tent
    - viparspectra 450 and mars hydro 600 added in flower
    - fox farm coco loco
    - kind soil will use seedling method with next grow
    - water is ph’d down to 6.6-6.8 on every feeding
    edit: 10/30 - i found to keep the water at a ph of 6.5 and that got me the best results.


    moved one from large pot back down to solo.


    inspected roots and the were to the out side of the containers. decided to move to final home. they are in 3 gallon pots with kind soil base and coco loco.


    received some fem seeds for next grow. like my seed organization?

    IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0929.JPG

    you all have made a great community here. i look forward to learning from you all!
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  2. Welcome and looking forward to seeing these baby's progress

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  3. I'm subbed for this one! I do love the seed storage by the way

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    went on vacation for a week and came back to nice looking plants, started some LST.

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  5. I stuck these two out in the woods in june came back 2 months later and BOOM,I grab sum bamboo cause the branches are long and look like they ll need support when buds grow in.7 feet 4 inches other is 7 ,both sour D

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  6. still in veg, plan to make the switch this weekend and see what happens!

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    12/12 we go....
    hopefully one of them is female, since this is just bag seed, if not i'll be waiting till early spring next to start again...wish us(me and hopefully my two ladies) luck!

  8. started growing a lot in 24hrs since the switch...


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  9. quick update, will try and get real pictures next week... i'm just glad both of these seeds ended up being females, good luck for bag seed i guess...

    IMG_1068.JPG IMG_1069.JPG IMG_1070.JPG
  10. day 15 of flower...

    6EB4D95F-4D41-49CD-80AC-352F9F1ACB15.jpeg 11352A70-2A45-44D4-ABD4-707CB67F5FC8.jpeg 472DF2FC-6841-4FD6-9D87-9B9DC7B36BD2.jpeg 21178F71-9597-4FCF-8217-A7C335E435DF.jpeg D6144B94-9D0D-4892-82BE-FAA9BCD427B1.jpeg 8E7E4492-CC00-4C09-9984-32033F67B742.jpeg E2B34DAA-25BD-4814-9FA0-2A6F5810235C.jpeg
  11. had another huge stretch today. seems the day after watering i get a large amount growth.

    we have hit a crazy warm spell the past two weeks and my ac and dehumidifier have been working hard to keep temps and humidity in check.

    44948C8C-FDE7-4173-B27B-8E68E6430057.jpeg 32354B9E-2590-4D86-860B-C5052E61B8C7.jpeg
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  12. Keep the updates coming, are you planning on adding more light to those? Would have thought one of those lights per plant needed
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    yeah i am. i have another one coming next week. im not getting a good enough footprint with the one lamp. so hopefully a second will help get those stems on the outside a lot more light.

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  14. Yeah it defo will!
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    day 21 of flower

    mars 600 added, say good bye to cell phone pictures. i will try to get some good ones when i water tomorrow...


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  16. day 26 of flower...

    1755D3EE-2BAC-4196-977E-991366ABD7C6.jpeg 25C58466-4C49-48D4-A56D-CD3E4DB2DBB9.jpeg D04FB77D-816B-49E5-A91A-EDCF87962A03.jpeg 1D4FDEDD-0803-498C-B9F0-37713576BD86.jpeg 8C8D3638-81E8-48E0-8EDE-823B41FBB272.jpeg FC9ED4FD-FD53-41D6-8436-13BA713F936E.jpeg FA0F20D9-F1F2-4555-83D0-A22E4CEDAB74.jpeg 098A2E18-8AB1-40EC-8238-E88E8061DDBA.jpeg
  17. day 33 of flower...

    45DD2A95-093A-4ED8-A8D2-613D2F65A4F6.jpeg 839EF685-CA83-430A-B53D-468F363B74EA.jpeg 2675EEB8-1D35-479C-AADC-D38008CE0BCA.jpeg 22920D78-7B27-49B5-834D-9558B4293D81.jpeg
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  18. day 38 of flower...

    took these right before watering. leaves were a little droopy...

    struggling hard core with temps, we are experiencing 85% or higher humidity for the past week and temps in the upper 80s. today was the first day in over 1.5 weeks we didn’t got over 80. thank god.

    i have a dehumidifier and portable AC running nonstop, today it finally got a respite.

    still have a alright average, 80f 53rh, i’m at 44rh now and should be ok from here on out. seeds are from the same strand, one plant has pistols turning amber the other is still pumping them out. weird...


    B3DE663E-0E07-43C5-995F-32558B13E578.jpeg FA6BCF4E-4515-4D84-986E-6EE66389C762.jpeg 642E8DC0-C33C-4924-B2E2-0CB2D52EC9CD.jpeg 0C1D2CE3-69ED-4AED-B908-C27AAAAA2601.jpeg
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  19. had a second to get some pictures when the lights first turned off...

    BA6221B6-B41E-40E8-9618-DD4A6805FE96.jpeg 6C804B5F-1558-4B23-A255-0FC6A1E043A5.jpeg 61EC1304-AD10-47E6-AAA4-FA19EC8F6CD4.jpeg
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