My new set up with mother chamber/veg , clone chamber, and flowering room

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  1. So I decided to grow again after a crappy first grow. I mean i was happy they produced buds but they were flimsy wih little resin and tasted like crap. I barely smoke any of it.
    Took some bag seeds that i got from this beautiful blueberry that i smoked and germed them. I gave my friend 10 seeds and after a while we started growing together.

    From my first grow I already had 5x6500k vegging cfls and 2x 125w 2700k flowering envirolites and also a veg box that i had built and used for my first crop. So we are using that box which is around 2ft by 3 ft by 4ft high with white reflective plastic in the inside, for the mother and vegging plants. There are 5 2700k cfls in the veg box with a cpu fan for ventilation.

    Although i had the veg box i vegged my plants in my closet this time and payed less attention to them. Surprsisingly they grew healthier and stronger than my previous grow.

    For the cloning room we are using the closet because the temp is lower than in the veg box with 4 cfls.

    For the flowering room we built a fram which is 2.5 ft long x 5ft wide x 7.75ft high. We wrapped the frame with white reflective plastic and that is the base of our flowering box. My buddy got a 400w HPS system so we hung the HPS in the middle of the grow box and put a 125w envirolite on each side for more lighting.

    We are using Bcuzz soil mix and the BioCanna line up for nutes. We have 12 plants in the flowering room. I put the 4 plants that i grew into flowering earlier than my partner's so we have 4 plants that are budding and 8 plants that have been put into flowering a few days ago. All plants are females. The mother and the flowering plants were all grown from seed. We have taken clones 3 days ago and are waiting for them to root.

    In a nutshell:
    Mother/veg room:
    -2ft long by 3 ft wide by 4 ft high with plywood walls
    - white reflective plastic for the walls.
    -5 6500k vegging lights
    -cpu fan for ventilation
    -hinge for door
    -nutes: Biovega, rhizotonic, cannazym, b-1
    there is currently one mother and 4 seedlings in the mother/veg room

    clone chamber:
    -cloning gel
    -4 cfls
    -1 incandescent bulb(alternate to heating pad. don't need to waste money)
    -inside the closet(if you don't want to spend money, I vegged in my plants in the closet, nothing fancy and my plants are looking good.
    -feeding program: 4 days of water once put in cube then 3 days with some rhizotonic
    there is currently around 24 clones waiting to be rooted. 9 of the clones came from flowering plants.

    Flowering chamber:
    -5 ft x 3ft by 7.75 ft high wood frame
    -covered in white reflective plastic.
    -2x 125w envirolites 2700k for flowering
    -400w HPS with reflector
    -nutes: Bioflores, BioBoost, cannazym, rhizotonic, b-1
    there is currently 4 plants in their mid stages of flowering and 8 which have just begun.

    I will post pics soon, very possibly tomorrow!
  2. Well here are the pics... Enjoy

    The wooden grow box is the veg room, the big black box is the flowering room and next to the veg box is the closet for the clones.

    i also posted pics of the 4 plants that are flowering the others aren't developed yet because they were flowered later.

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  3. Sorry the images aren't arranged in order. i was uploading them in order but I had to resize some photos and so they are kinda disorganized. sorry again. Promise it won't happen. I learnt my lesson lol. I should have removed the files and upload them again. must;ve been pretty stoned.

    Anyways I posted some pics of my flowering plants. Some before and after pics. Before pics were when my plants were flowering in the closet with 2x125w envirolites and the after pics are in the sexy new box! They really juiced up eversince it was put under the 400w hps and the new box that was built.! anyways here's the link if you want to check it out.

    I will be posting the rest of my buddy and I's grow in the grow in the grow journal thread. So if you are interested in our please visit other thread.
  4. Oh yeah, that big black box with the ducting coming out of it doesn't look suspicious at all! :p

    Nice grow mate, I'm planning a SOG myself.
  5. Don't need to be too subtle.. The room is completely off bounds. A spare room that my buddy has. hahaha
  6. how are you supplying the plants with CO2?
  7. good question, i couldnt see anything in there that would add co2, if you havent got anything yet hangook try the old sugarwater n brewers yeast with a lid and a hose, works a treat :)
  8. yeah we haven't done anything about the co2 yet. But maybe it would be a good idea to pump in some co2.
    So sugarwater mixed with yeast produces co2? how do you know if you are not putting to much co2 into the atmosphere. How much sugarwater and yeast should i use??
    How about baking soda and vinegar?? I think i read that in a book or something.

    Thanks for pointing that out..
  9. I use a CO2 tank ..never tried the homemade method.
  10. I am planning on injecting co2 into the flowering room with the yeast and sugar method and i was wondering what are the steps.. Can anyone who has done this or uses this method tell me how to do it.
    Is it just sugar water mixed with yeast that produces co2?
    I have already put 7 bottles of sugar water mixed with yeast in 500ml bottles with holes poked so that there won't be to much co2. should i just leave the bottle open?

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