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  1. Heres my first grow (2 diff plants, that look way diff)

    Im aware of the ticrome chcking method, but do these look soon to chop?
    The first set of pics is from the plant that was pollenated(lighter green leaves) and threw out seeds, but for some reason it has WAAY more bud than the other

    we took a branch from the pollenated plant and its drying under my deck.
    were in the norcal sac valley to give you guys an idea

    NEWB QUESTION.. ticromes are the crystals on the leaves correct?

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  2. second plant, non pollentated, looks younger? much more crystally but less bud??
  3. plant 2

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  4. jkljlkj

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  5. any info ??? hello??
  6. wait for about 80% of the pistils (hairs) to turn redish
    than u should chop her N' dry her

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