My First Indoor Grow - 3 x Blue Kush (Dinafem) COMPLETED!

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  1. Hi all

    It's my first grow. I thought I would share this wonderful experience here on this great forum. I would like to learn as I go with your comments and feedback, welcome from experienced CFL and LED Small Micro Growers.

    Here is my current set up:

    1 x 125w Blue Spec CFL with a reflector. Will be switching to LED in around week 3, or perhaps earlier if heat becomes too much of an issue.

    Grow medium:
    BioBizz Light Mix

    Around 3-5 litre containers.

    Grow space:
    Currently a small space in the cupboard under the stairs (only accessible by me) as the cupboard door is in my bedroom.
    I should mention, I'm living in shared accommodation, with 4 other guys, so this is of course a classic stealth grow.

    Anyway I planted straight into soil and final pots. So far they're looking good to me.. The thought of eventually smoking them seems a long way away... but I am hoping this will become a reality in the not too distant future, if all goes well!

    Here are a few pics.. the smaller one is 5 days old.. and the other two are 8 days old..:)

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  2. Many thanks .. I definitely intend to sir :)

    I'm looking into purchasing an in-line fan & carbon filter kit to put inside my tent when that arrives soon.. but that's still a couple of weeks away yet..
    Hoping to keep these plants not too big.. my tent height will either be a 120cm, or 100cm, haven't completed decided yet..but I guess it makes sense to go for the bigger one (120cm height) as I could place inside my wardrobe, but the 100cm height will only fit inside cupboard under stairs..

    I'm wondering if the 3-5 litre pots are just the right size for a tent with 100cm height? All 3 pots will be inside the tent, with around 148w of dual spectrum LED power ..
  3. Quick update: 10 days into grow.. 18/6 light cycle.. 125w cfl grow light blue..

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  4. Had to repot two of my plants into smaller pots.. but all going well so far.. awaiting my Mars Hydro 48 Reflector

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  5. Hi all, just a quick update :
    Plants are now in 5th week of growth from seed.. and beginning to flower .. have switched to bloom nutes and all appearing well so far .. here are some pictures .. 1504562804008.jpg 1504562822707.jpg 1504562837755.jpg 1504562842600.jpg

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  6. Update: 6 weeks from planting seeds into pots.. so far so good.. I think these dinafem blue kush run for 70 days .. so still a little way to go, and overall happy with the grow
    1505600356957.jpg 1505600978523.jpg 1505600987923.jpg 1505600996340.jpg 1505601004591.jpg

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  7. Update:

    All complete and harvested. Happy days.. :passing-joint:

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  8. 52.4 grams total dry weight

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