My fave radio station of 30+ years signs off today....

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  1. Pretty bummed out today. Idk if any of you can relate, but today has been a super shitty day for me, as my radio station, WBRU, is playing its last song tonight and shuts off at 11:59 PM

    Nobody understand or can relate, so I came here to vent.

    They say things go out of business, and better things take its place, but a Christian rock station is taking its place, so that's not always the case

    Anyway, end rant. I guess I'll be staying up late and burning more joints then usual tonight

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  2. man I totally feel you, the rock and blues station I grew up listening to used to be great. they played mostly classics and local music, put on a massive fireworks show every summer free for the whole city, and most of all had really great dj's who had been working there for years. they had great content, understated humor, and awesome radio shows like Ten at Ten hosted by Don Pardo, where they would play ten defining songs from a specific year along with news and radio clips from the same year. It was really great, for a long time I listened to that show everyday at 10am and 10pm.

    eventually they were bought out by cumulus, which is a tech company that buys up small local stations and replaces the entire staff with an ipod on shuffle.
  3. Wow, that sounds exactly like what's going on in my neck of the woods. I small radio station that has been a local fave for 50 years was bought out by some large, corporate company that doesn't give a hoot about our local community. Meanwhile, the radio station bought out put on multiple free outdoor concerts every year, they actually put their earnings into their listeners.

    I'm not glad to hear that someone can relate, this seems to be an alarming trend, small mom and pop places bought out by the corporate machine power house

    PK's roof-top organic grow
  4. That's lame as Hell, man. Radio only has a couple good channels, sucks they seem to be getting my rid of the good ones

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  5. Cable sucks don't take our radios away!

    That sucks man!
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