my bagseed grow (3rd atempt)

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  1. i started off great with the first set of germinated seeds, using jumpstart for an added boost, soaked for 24 hours and germinated for 24-36 hours. placed them in peat moss pot with .1-.05-.07 soil and coverd with plastic wrap. they did great, i added more seeds 4 days behind since i got another bag worth of better seeds (so i hoped)

    then ig ot the bright idea to put them in a "stealth box"

    doing so i removed the plastic wrap . the lights were to hot, soil was to dry. naturaly i waterd them more, and the heat combined with water destroyed just about everything. i have one lil sprout stunted from day 6. lower leaves are gone and dry but she's hanging in there.

    i did the 3rd germination to the sticky for germination. i am not watering and i am leaving the wrap on untill they are touching it. giving me a good inch or 2 till they get out.

    temp is 76-83 depending on what i set my home's A/C at. got a nice fan and 3 6500 cfl @ 23 true wats.

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  2. ok so i got panda plastic today, and i picked up 2 computer fans also.
    i put everything together but i am having a heat issue. i have one 60m fan in. and one 60m fan out. i have a large fan inside thats 60w "hawiian brease" thats pushing air around. i know the ambient temp in my closet is high cuz the house is 78, i just turned down the ac.
    temp in the grow area is 82 as of right now.

    :( i really hope that i can maintain these temps. i dont have an ac vent in the closet so i must have a fan blowing into the closet with the door open, hence the panda plastic so the glow isnt obious at all now.

    its a 4x10ft closet with one door, walk in closet. so the grow is in the back corner and no one can see unless the go in and turn to the right.

    any one have any suggestions on how to keep the temps down on CFL, i would really apriciate the advice. as i cant grow any where else because my mom ownes this house and stops by SOMETIMES.

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    3 CFLs shouldn't really be giving you heat problems. Make sure your exhaust is mounted high and intake low since heat rises. Your intakes should be twice the size of your exhaust too. 78 is kind of high for your A/C. I programmed mine to be 73 between noon and 6pm then 75 thereafter. My temps with 6 26w CFLs are 71 low (lights off), 82 high (lights on).

    Plan to have some sort of odor control if you're keeping it stealthy. Good luck man/girl! FCs are cool!

  4. lol, fc are indeed cool:cool:(my car)

    yeah it just sucks cuz my house isnt insolated very well. and well its texas.

    my temp is 84 DIRECTLY below the cfl, the thermo is resting on top between the white cups. the ac is chilly and i am cold. i got a fan blowing into the closet and i am a bit grumpy....

    the space is 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide by 12 inches deep. i know i didnt really think out the whole placement of the fan much, but they are there so i can open it as the picture above shows.

    i am thinking of building a square box out of wood 2x4 and the panda plastic. and having it right near the door in my room. this will alow cooler are hopefully, and still not let any one know whats going on.

    i think the over all temp is 5 degrees warmer then my actual closet. which just sucks!
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  6. don;t know whats up with the leaf there, but its nice and shiny! gotta like that :)

  7. yeah it looks like its creating 2 main stems, then a 3rd one is a few days behind. its really wierd
  8. [​IMG]
    so i upgraded to a cube outside of my closet, i rid of a couch i had right there and i have a box on wheels. i can roll it into my closet if any one comes over and i must hide it.

    temps arent much better, but i run a lower risk of temp spikes due to my closet being heated by the sun in the evening and the ac not being set right.
    my room usualy doesnt go over 80 degrees meaning it wont go over 86 degrees in the cube, unlike my closet that gets hot hot, it was about 80 and it wasnt even that hot out yet. this week will be over 100, so i had to make this change.

    the bulbs usto get so hot that it was hard to handle them, but now i can touch them with out being uncomfortable due to them being hot.

    i think i am on the right track.
    i'll post up pictures tomarrow of my desaster from nute burn on seedlings, as well as my new soil spec, and the hesi nute system i have. a bunch more to come!
  9. ok here it is. i have 2 plants that are so so, the mutian that "topped" itself is kind of drooping. i assume from transplant shock since i transplanted it tuesday. the others went threw the same but are purky again. :hello:
    i only really lost one. the female mutian i had isnt doing to good.

    so all in all temps are ok.

    i got 6 sprouts, i am doing them so incase i sent the others threw shock and might have males, well i have more backing them up more chance of females.

    the grow box doesnt get more then 10 degrees warmer then my room. right now thats a good thing for me. it sits just at 86, but its avarage is lower then that. this morning it was 79. evening and night is when my room is hot due to setting sun hitting the wall.

    ooooooooooook well thats my journal for today :)

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  10. my one did a similar split i think its even better looking and when it got bigger i did some lsting to it and its looking great now with a pencil sized trunk. also ur grow is looking good :cool:
  11. success, i figured it out
    at night when we sleep we set ac to 72, this is when my interior temps are at its best. when i wake up i open the front and stick a box fan inside. and turn off the interior desk fan. leaving the pc fans on as inlet and outlet air.

    front is completely open with box fan blowingg in, makingn temps under the lights no different then ambient temp. naturaly humidity in the house is 40$

    funny thing is, this open set up actualy is making my room smell and feel more freash and pure. is this just my imagination?
  12. i added 2 more small prossessor fans (pc fans) running outward. they are veryr small probably only 10cfm but pull from a higher point on the cube.

    i am still having issues with temps in high 80s, but i have not seen over 90. under the lights. or 86 ambient.
    humidity is about 50% naturaly
  13. here are the pictures

    i had nute burn at day 10-15 but repotted with peat moss/ vermiculite soil

    i am using hesi start kit for soil. right now the schedual has me only doing "super vit" and "root complex" which are not fertilizers but vitimins and minirals. basic needs.

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  14. got a window AC unit. "energy star"

    so now i dont have to run the central air so much with little effect to my room!
    hopefully my electric bill is saved!
  15. using hesi root complex and super vit only, i started seeing signs of def. calcium and mag. so i started using the Grow solution which i just realized has everything in it macro and micro nutrience. i was about 4 days late starting this next step of the hesi kit.

    my battery is chargin in my camera i'll get pictures in a bit
  16. update for today. idk if its nute lockout or simply i started to late with the nutes/food in the lacking peat moss soil

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  17. do you plan on flowering with those cfls?

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