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    Well as you all can tell I am growing. I want to do this right so I'll be getting a pH meter for sure. I've tried to read up on the other meters I need as I grow hydroponically. So far I think I might need a TDS meter as I don't have the cash to shell out on a fancy Hanna combo meter(However if this is the best, guess I will have to buy one). So I'm thinking I can go a different root and just buy all the meters I need. I see the Hanna combo meters test the EC/TDS/pH of water? Well I understand the pH one just fine but the ones I am yet to find a definitive answer on, the EC(Electrical Conductivity) and TDS(Total Dissolved Solids). I have found some information pertaining to them but I just don't understand them. Can someone share some information on these two?

    1. What are they for?
    2. How important are they?
    3. Is this required for good results with hydroponic growing?(I'm sure it is)
    4. Where can I buy the best meter for the buy(combo or individuals)?

    I forgot to mention, all I currently use is a simple Sera pH test kit. (Put 5ml of water to be checked in vial, add 4 drops, match color to sheet's little color chart)
  2. Hey Bro...this guy just posted this thread in the General Forum.......pretty good prices on some decent meters......... Great Instruments, Great Prices ...........Looks like it might be just what you are looking for.
  3. Well that answers my question on where to get good meters for a good price except the one for the TDS meter has ended the bidding. Any answers to my other questions?
  4. I don´t have either of those meters. But my ladies don´t know that, so I still average 18 ounces a plant.

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