Meteor Shower tonight

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by JesusC, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. meteor showers never cease to amaze me. thanks a lot for the heads up.
  2. I watched that from hippie hill in berkely. What a sight.
  3. tonights actually the peak of the meteor shower.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I did not see many last night, but I will be looking again tonight.
  5. Wish I had some psycadelics for the night :(
  6. thank fucking FUCK i just found my high powered telescope. to the roof batman!

    i may eat this mushroom chocolate i have, and i may also smoke all the hash i just made... thats if i can see shit
  7. EXACTLY WAT I WAS THINKIN HAHA!!:hello: hm maybe ill go find some
  8. Up on the roof, with a plate of brownies and a bottle of wine, the sky is 100% clear in my area. Looks like a late to work monday, again...
  9. ok i hae my supplies. telescope, binoculars, sketchbook, 1/8 of mushrooms, hash, bong, music and my mind...

    i hope this turns out AWESOME

  10. nooiiiiccee!!! im smokin some bubba kush hash oil dripped on top of a bowl of OG Kush at the moment...HAVE FUN:smoking:
  11. thanks man. i now have all my shit ready. i cant get my telescope to focus on anything, i doubt ill play with that tooo much after i start trippin but i got the binoculars and my camera, which im gonna try and use to get some night sky photos. what will most likely happen is me sitting outside for hours on the ground, loking like a retard with a big ass telescope and binoculars jsut staring at the sky tripping balls.

    this should be fun either way!
  12. must have missed it tonight, went out at about 3am, when i woke up.
    saw plenty stuff a couple nights back tho...
    retelling of the shit i saw
  13. So what did everyone think, did you get a good show? Im here in michigan, it was clear one minute and cloudy as shit the next....I saw a few here and there though.
  14. i saw maybe one meteor, i thought it was a meteor but after i saw that i kept imagining i saw them and wasnt sure if i was actually seeing them or imagining them, but it was just too light polluted to see really.
  15. it was a beautiful, clear night last night where i live. i stargazed for about a half hour and was able to see four meteors.

    i need to start looking at the stars more often. i find it very fulfilling.
  16. I agree 100% I really got into it about 5 or 6 years ago. Theres nothin better then chillin outside on a clear summer night and watchin the stars....really opens your mind to a lot of things it seems.

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