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Memeheheh my first grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PeterGriffen, May 19, 2010.

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  2. Wow, the last one's leaves are fat! On your other thread, you said that you had only been using 75w of light. You should definitely increase this to about as close to 150w as you can get and if you're not already using cfls immediately get them. You should also consider berrying the stem with some soil a little bit. Also the other pictures in your other thread look a little bit droopy which I think might be over-watering but I'm not exactly sure. Good luck with your girls!

  3. That is a good thing to have fat leaves? i believe the last pictures are from this morning.

    yeah im going to get some CFLs tonight! And i will upgrade to 150w As well. i think they have been over watered too. one of the pictures you can see the bowl that i keep the solo cups in. what i did was watered the soil when i planted the seed. then fillled the bowl 1/4 of water and let the soil soak up the water. ( solo cups have cuts in the bottom of them. little rocks are in the bottom of the cup then soil on top) i took the water out of the bowl this morning and will not be watering the plants the normal way now.

    Thanks for Viewing my tread :hello:
  4. It's just a matter of genetics. I hope you're getting the right kind of cfls though. for vegging you're looking for 5000-6500(k)elvin

    don't confuse it with the lumens number often on packaging as some cfls dont have the kelvin listed. if there's no temperature listed they should at least say daylight or soft light or something. you're looking for the daylight ones.
  5. Just a little update. went to the store and got some things. I don't think i got the right light bulb, didn't notice it till i got home but its better then the 25w.
    I got new soil, plant food (im not feeding them yet, they are only in the 2nd week of growing) And some box's for a better grow box. here are some pictures.

    let you know what you think! criticism is always great here.

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  6. remove the foil and paint your walls white or put up reflecting gift wrap paper
  7. They will need to be transplanted out of solo cups soon, based on their size.

  8. yeah that was going to be my next question, what would be best? a 5 gallon bucket?

  9. yeah thats on the to do list tonight, i heard you can use emergency blanket??
    but reflecting gift wrap paper sounds a lot cheaper. Thanks :hello:
  10. depends how big you want them to get. i think its about a gallon for every foot? i'd say a 3 or 5 gallon
  11. Ok so did a transplant yesterday not into anything really big. i have to get another lamp today. here are some pics. taller plant is 11 days old and the smaller one ten.

    also would it be ok to put the plant out side durning the day to get sunlight or by a window?

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  12. :smoke: My plants are 2 weeks old now. I got the chance to work on my grow box a little bit today :D which man me happy. Im picking up a lamp from a friend tonight. So there will be 2 lights in the box. BUT i just thought i show you want they look like.

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  13. how do i get the pictures to be in a thumbnail view?
  14. if you were going to top them, now would be the time to do that

  15. idk man one of them is starting to look kinda sick. spots are showing up on the leaves
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    Just wanted to do a update, it is now week 6. ive topped the plants and started feeding them plant food. i need to get a PH tester. I think my PH lvl is low, but here are some pics of whats going on.

    OH!...SO... Im thinking maybe i didnt top one of the plants right. One seems to have 5 heads on it now, maybe 6. but the other just kept growing straight up. And in some of the pictures you can see that the tip of some of the leaves are cut off. im thinking thats from the topping. maybe i didnt cut low enough?
    And the leaves are starting to turn very dark green. Could they be turning purple?
  17. pics from week 5 to week 6

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  18. just before week 6

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    Click on reply and scroll down to Additional Options/ Manage Attachments.
    Browse and attach. Upload.

    Good luck. :smoking:

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