max cfl wattage for single weed plant??

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  1. currently have 120 watts = 3x 40 watt cfl bulbs 6500k on a single weed plant. currently on week 3, whats max light i can put on this  for optimal growth? i can add two more bulbs for  around 200 watts of light from cfl but is that unnecessary or would that increase yield and speed up growth

  2. I flower under 4 600w lights. More watts is more flower. Cfls aren't always the best thing to bud with tho.
  3. for flowering have 2 55watt 2700k cfls + 1 40 watt 6500k cfl. thats 150 total watts, shud i add more? i can get up to like 200+ watts of 2700k or 6500k, any advice on wut wud increase yield for it to be worth the extra cfls or is 150 sufficient?
  4. With cfls you can neve have too much light. Too much is only a problem when you run into light bleaching and heat stress, CFLs are not going to cause bleaching but they can cause heat stress still. Add as much light as you can with one condition, that you have enough ventilation to keep the plant cool.
  5. When I was using CFLs I had around 350w in 23w and 24w bulbs on 1 plant...I mixed my spectrums though, I put 3 2700k's to 1 6500k when in flower and the opposite for veg...and pics would you have those CFLs as close as possible? Like 2 to 3 inches away...and yes the more light the better...that's why I switched to HIDs...peace man and good luck
  6. under the lights plants look bleached/ very light, but wen i take pic with iphone with lites on  looks vibrant green, ecept for  like 6 fan leaves wiht what appears to be nute burn ;{. any1 kno if flushin g will help the burnt leaves bounce back, think they cant absorb as much lite with noot burn? the leaves feel rough compared to the other ones but using miracle grow potting soil which i herd has alot of nutes so guess harvest is gona be a off a  bit, first grow so is ok i guess? any advice?
  7. theres no limit to amt of cfls i can add 6500k and 2700k?? more wattage more bud? isn t there a threshhold max limit for amt of cfl light to bud ratio?
  8. like if i had 500 watts and get like 6 oz compared to like 200 watts and 5 oz, it wouldnt be worth the extra 12-13 bucks spent on each cfl bulb for the little extra? is bagseed of sativa kush i think, not medical but good nonetheless, any1 have experience with this type of grow/prob
    You would have to consider every limiting factor... pot size, veg time, training methods, space limits, etc.
    I agree that it's not worth it to invest in a 500w cfl grow, especially if you're focused on efficiency and yield. It's fun as a diy project, but not cost-effective compared to a smaller HID.
  10. Good point Not Sure. I only used CFL to see if I could actually get through a grow before investing in an HPS. It's an easy way to get started buying a few bulbs at a time as the plant grows.

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  11. Don't look for the old growth to heal, it won't, instead look for the new growth to be nice and green and healthy and concentrate on that...getting her healthy :smoke:  and no MG does not have a lot of nutes, it's relatively mild actually, but if you're doing beans in it, try not to water too often or yes each time you water it will release small doses of really don't wana flush your plant a lot, unless you know you have a salinity build up...I use a supersoil so everything's amended already...peace...
    No doubt, I still use pieces of my first cfl grow for cloning and short veg periods.

  13. Bluegrass

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