LST vs non trained autoflower dwarfs

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  1. Here was an experiment I did pertaining to LST, The first pic is of a 52 day from seed (attitude seedbank) Berry Ryder, no training at all, she has one Fat nug the size of the plant. The other 2 pics are LST'd Berry Ryders, they got alot bigger and seem to have more bud sites. Thanks for Viewing all, Feel free to ask questions. =)

  2. looking forward to watching this as they grow - will you be updating this thread with future pictures?
  3. Ill take some pics at the end of the week to show a progress update! Just trimmed a bit today so they are lookin a little more naked, but they been filling out really fast after each trim/train session. Thanks for viewing!
    heres a shot including 4 of the dwarfs (one hasnt flowered, but it isnt a male so im thinking it might not have been autoflower, but its definately the same strain)
  4. ooh those are beautiful - how many days are they at now?
  5. Hey folks! The calendar reminder popped up on my phone and informed me that it has now been 60 days since the Berry Ryder seeds were put in the seedling hut. As promised here are a few more pics of the ladys. I can definately say a word of advice to anyone growing anykind of autoflowering dwarf, dont get discouraged if the plants end up smaller than you anticipated before they flower, especialy if its your first time. I've noticed that even though from the same seed breeder and of the same strain, they each look slightly different in characteristic. The one I chose not to LST was the one who oddly was the smallest, but flowered first. Now the side-growth is incredible. It reminds me of a mini christmas tree. and the plants i chose to lst were both alot taller, but one's leaves were longer and thinner than her neighbor which was tall and bushy both. I told myself, hands down the shorter will yield least, the wirey one second least, and the super bushy tall one would yield the most. Now were entering the final 2-4 week strech of their flowering cycle and im having an impossible time guessing which one wil weigh out the heaviest. I am truley enjoying working with these so far, definately worth having in your garden for the novelty value alone. Each plant was suggested by the supplier to yield about only 30-45g each, and I wont be able to do the math till they hit the scale in the end, but I plan on keeping the fruits of my labor invested in my dwarves as my own personal top shelf stash, and that in itself is priceless =)
    Berry Ryder's
    Day 60
    As you can see the nugs are literaly lined up as colas all the way along the stem on the LST'd plants!
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  6. Looking good.  You got any more updates?  Definitely worth LSTing the berry ryder?
  7. I'd say so, won't know till the weigh out. I plan on taking new pics next Friday. And ill be harvesting the Friday after that. I'll post a link that was helpful for me working with the berry ryders. I'm on my windows phone right now so I can't link, but ill post them by the morning. Thanks for following!
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    Heres the link to another Grass City Local who is working with Berry Ryder and has been helpful with his BR posts.
  9. this is an auto that had no LST at all, it just bushed out like that by itself lol

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  10. don't cut off healthy hard working leaves dude, the plant needs those so it can make bud
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    I definately think I may have over trimmed a little. I just ordered another 10 of the ABR so Ill fix that on teh next rotation. I also plan on doing half of them in 5 gal independant dwc buckets to see how they do. I still feel mine got a little stunted from the shock of the transplant. I only had soil and a hut this time, and I know i messed up alot of the roots trying to get the soil off before going into the coco/pearl. Ive since been starting with rockwool to avoid root breakage. Also running this batch under 2 x 1000w total dual spectrum cfl hoods. Ill save the Ballast light for the bigger Girl scout teens waiting to fill the Autos place
  12. And your ladys look great btw!
  13. thanks, you don't want to be chopping anything off auto's because you don't have the veg time to wait until it grows it all back. if you chop of its leaves how do you think it will be able to photosynthesise, and "breath"? that one pictured spent 5 weeks under a 20watt CFL and 5 weeks under a 250watt hps. I never understand how people get "transplant shock" I have never experienced this
  14. I just popped a berry Ryder auto seed. How much weight did you end up with?
  15. Looking good man. In my experience, my berry ryder loved the lst. She grew very well with it.
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    I am now definitely of the opinion that Autos do not like being moved.  The White LSD i have on the go at the moment were but straight into 8 gallon pots and they are going absolutely nuts,  no signs of stunting or stress at all.
    When I transplanted them from the grow hut planters to the plastic cups I never disturbed the soil, which I made teh mistake of starting them in potting soil. I just got 10 more seeds and started them in a coco/pearlite mix right away so i dont have to mess up the roots trying to get the dirt off before going into my coco/pearl buckets. 
  19. Sorry fellow blades, its been a busy few weeks between trimming and making qwiso. I cut down 2 of the 3 Berry Ryders last week, made a fan powered dry box and ended up with about 14g dried off of the non lst'd plant, and I got 25g off the lst'd. I feel I would have gotten a heavier weigh on the Lst'd plant if i let it go longer. I have a day counter on my phone and it says i am at 82 days from seed, and 53 days since they flowered. Im letting the final one go at least the full 60 days if not a week longer for good measure. This final plant was the last one to show flowering and is still only showing about 10% brown hairs. The trichs are coming along wonderfully tho. Here are a few before shots and a few bud shots. Thanks for the views and comments =)
    (sorry bout the star on this one, preserving my

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