Looking for recommendations on a bong and water pipe

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had a good experience with an affordable bong and/or water pipe that they could vouch for. I'm willing to spend some money, but I want to make sure I get my money's worth. No price range, just looking for quality and affordability.

    I've bought some in local shops but they all turned out to be pieces of shit, so thanks if you can help
  2. sup man ive smokked many bongs in my time and i would have to start off by saying you get what you pay for...

    some nice low price bongs ive smoked out of were delta 9, SYN has some good quality non expensive ones, hurricanes are cool but they are a little pricey.

    medicali are great bongs underrated in my opinion but they are quality for not a lot of dough.

    Roor and Toro and illedeplh are top brands with maximum quality but much de nerro but in my opinion there totally worth it.

    i would do some research on the brand and style of the bong you do end up getting first
  3. I find most glass gets the job done weather it is cheap import or custom and local. I would say just whatever you do decide on, if quality and lasting use is important to you, just make sure it is not cheap import (like sweatshop status chinese blanks), so you should really do your research and make sure it did not come from china or india etc. there are some deceptive glass companies out there, I don't know about current day, but for the longest time Amsterdam Design Studios just sandblasted imported blanks from asia and was actually based out of southern california. Regardless of where the tubes came from, the title of the company was pretty tricky to say the least. Just make sure it is quality glass and usually the best way to do that is through a well known renowned company like Roor or Ehle or Toro

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