Looking for ideas to heat greenhouse?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by treehousemaster, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Hey GC folks looking for some advice on keeping my 14x14 greenhouse warm in February-April months. I live in Nor Cal and temps at night can get down to 35 some February nights. I'm looking to find a permaculture or low expense way to heat the place at night. Any ideas!?

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  2. do you have electricity at gh? Sealed or unsealed?
    I've had luck with the small electric space heaters, in a pinch. Even the cheapies have a decent thermostat that will last a winter. Just be sure to keep them away from the girls. Natural gas or propane burners at night would screw with your co2 levels, skyrocketing the value during a time of low co2 demand from your garden. If no electricity then maybe find an old school floor radiator heater and plumb a gas line, those do not leak gas/exhaust into the house just radiate heat.

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    Hope you can find a solution.
    My solution was to go indoor during cold months. Smaller operation but still yielding in off season.
  3. I have electricity and the greenhouse is sealed but am trying to be as efficient as possible, I want find a way to make free heat! I would rather pay the electric bill from my lights then worry about my heater.
    My plan is to start my outdoor crop in February 2018 out in the greenhouse, supplementing light for the short days to keep them growing until May rolls around when they go in the ground. I thought about a pot belly stove and then hook up a thermostat to a vent fan to keep temps around 70-80, but that's a commitment always keeping the baby full of wood.

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  4. Dig out your floor about 2 to 3 feet fill it with cow manure and hay should heat it right up my buddy dose this every year works amazing. Make sure you dig the hole this season tho and fill it in December
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  5. Then again it only gets to 40 where he lives. It might work for you
  6. You can store energy in its heat sink, or thermal mass. A rocket mass heater or small wood burning stove can also be beneficial. You can add a thermostat to regulate the temperature.
  7. Damn, that's the ticket! Cheap, effective, sustainable.
  8. Thanks for the idea! how efficient is that? What are the average temps in your buddies GH?

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  9. It stays around 70 when its 40 outside
  10. Not to shabby. Thanks!

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  11. Yup i like that idea ... i have 2x 55gal compost binds and both can reach up to 140F amd whrn the composting slows down before I turn it, the temp stays around 120. One or two of those compost binds can hrlp keep your GH warm in the winter amd then feed yoir soil when done composting

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