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London, Ontario Business partner wanted

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CountCannabis, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I am a Seasoned Grower in the United States, being paranoid is basically how i have been living for the last couple of years until recently i found a way to grow legally in Canada. I have recently stopped all operations in the united states for fear of my freedom and because of the new business opportunity in Canada. I am interested in setting up a fairly large grow operation in London, Ontario. I have the financial resources ready for this, and i have the equipment ready for this operation. I have been in contact with the OCMA (office of cannabis medical access) about getting my DPL (designated person production license). I need two other people for this however, first i need a Canadian resident with a clean drug related record for a business partner. i am willing to provide most of the funding for this operation and but i need need a hard working individual that is a Canadian resident to be a long term business partner. This is going to be a very lucrative business if we do everything right. if you live in London, Ontario, Canada and are interested in what i have to say or have any questions, e mail me at
  2. hmm bro your sounding kinda fishy here coming on with one post asking someone to help you grow weed and shit
  3. lol... as a designated grower, you're permitted to grow for ONE PERSON and ONE PERSON alone... (from what i've read on the subject)...

    Sounds a bit like the guy from this thread...
  4. no as i understand it from the growers at island harvest and other grow opperations in Canada you can have a DGL and provide for as many legal users as you can find, i am an American and enjoy growing, i read a couple of books and contacted health Canada and they said if you are a Canadian resident and have a drug free conviction record you can get your DGL, this interested me and i thought this forum would help me locate a Canadian business partner sense i am an American i cant personally hold the license but i can go into a legal business with them and be a silent partner sense i have the knowledge and the equipment to do it. i thought London Ontario would be a good location because of the large amount of rental space available and its proximity to Cleveland Ohio, us. i am in my early twenty's and what i want to do is something completely legal and i want to go about doing it the legal way, i just thought forums like these would be helpful.

    oh yea and i hate the fucking cops why do you think i want to move this business out of the us in the first place

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