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  1. I just started my new grow, I have about 5 plants ranging from about 1 week to 3 weeks into veg. I just switched from LEDs to HPS but alot of leafs are drying out and it doesnt seem to be growing as fast as it was. My question is it ok to switch back to LEDs or will it confuse the plant. Also I would be switching back to blue and red leds. 20190622_110504.jpg 20190622_102543.jpg
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  2. should be ok, but who knows?

    I notice you have carpet there, you might want to but a liner underneath.
    Welcome to GC @Mikey412420
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  3. How many watts is the light and how far away from the canopy
  4. 400w and about 20" away
  5. What would you suggest? Like a tarp or sheet or...?
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  6. yes, or even a kiddie pool or boot/shoe trays, new school ones are good for the price/
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  7. I'd go to a hardware store and get some plastic film on a roll to cover the carpet completely.
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  8. Ok thank you. But also is it ok to switch back to blue and red LEDs without it causing the plant to turn Male?
  9. it should be fine, but let us all know what happens, maybe post the before/after here for us all to see:
    LED lighting and effect on Photobiology
  10. As long as the lights are close to the same or the led is less wattage should not be a problem. Plants don’t SEE light as humans do.
    So my S.O.G. Logic says as long as the led is the same or less wattage and hung 16-20 inches above canopy, with the proper ventilation, and with no worries about getting carpet stained ( yes, nutrient spillage stains carpet and I got that experience...) put plastic sheeting down in your grow area And then put a tray(s) of some sort on the plastic sheeting.
    But I digress....
    You should not have a problem.
    I’ve done it.
    Just understand the different growing parameters that leds will bring

    Have fun!!!
  11. ( Carpet )
    Being blunt ……………...
    Wtf you trying to give insects a home sweet home.
    spider mites can be a pain and expensive to control ..
    With the carpet in there and if you get insects in there the only thing your missing is humidity so you can add a fungi issue too .
    Hospital surgery RM clean .…. with lots of ventilation …..
    If your plant is moving or dancing with the wind , cuts down on the chance of having a insect and fungi issues .
    Trust me that is one extremely important bit of info is I cannot stress how beneficial having allot of fresh air blowing on your plants are .
    makes the steams stronger
    makes the plant healthier and protects them from fungi and insects ...

    HPS lighting has UVA and UVB waves and IR waves that most LED lights don't emit .
    Personally I would raise the HPS light as far away from the plant as possible until your plant gets more use to the new color spectrum .
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  12. I’d veg with that led light and run that hps in flower
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  13. Carpet in the grow room or on the wife. Not so much. As far as the light switch, porque no.
  14. You could switch to LED without plant harm ( other than less bud) but you should keep the HPS. Its better for light penetration and as other have said - spectrum. Unless you have high end LEDs of course. Also if you can switch that HPS to MH while in veg, even better!
    I recommend:
    1. Ditch carpet as covering could lead to other mold/ air quality issues
    2. Raise the light
    3. Check/ increase humidity while they adapt
    4. Keep good air flow, heat under control.
    5. Maintain regular ph, ppms.
    Babes under HPS right now.
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  15. Personally I prefer my Samsung qb's LEDs over HPS lights
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  16. It looks like the plants are freaking out from the extra light and heat.
    HPS isn't that good to veg under, unless you use a SON-T globe. Metal Halide is much better.
    Actually I won't use any globe unless it's a Phillips Son-T, metal halide or a ceramic metal halide, the CMH are the best for veging and put out more lumens per watt than any other MH
    I have grown using generic HPS and Son-t side by side using the same medium and nutrients and the difference is about 1/4 pound of bud.

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