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  1. High All,
    I'm a returning grower but this time I'm considering an led grow.
    I've narrowed my choice down to...
    1.advanced platinum
    2.budmaster I I xg
    If anyone has any experience using these LEDs positive or otherwise I'd appreciate the info.
    I'll be buying x2 for veg and x2 for flower attempting to imitate around 150 MH and 600 hps.
  2. I can vouch for advanced, awesome lights and amazing customer service. E-mail'em and say you're considering ordering from them and they might inform ya of a sale they have goin or a discount code. I would go with the xte series

    current grow: pineapple chunk mainlined under advanced led ds100
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  3. Thankyou,I was leaning towards Advanced,I like their veg/ bloom button,I'll try emailing them.
  4. These are the best led grow lights I could find. Check em out. If you like them e-mail & you'll be very happy w/ there customer service too! I own the SE-450. Very very happy. As an HPS grower I had very high standards for my Yeilds & it surpassed my expectations.

    Stop by my thread n see. Just harvested!
    My Amare & Hydroponics Hut - O.C., GG#4 Grow
    Hope this helps. Peace!
  5. Out of those 3 choices I would choose the budmaster. They make great panels, and they are not made in china. "Advanced Platinum" is not the company "Advanced LED", its a knockoff. 2 separate companies and lights. If you choose Advanced LED, their XTE series is amazing. Currently I am using Budmaster GOD and COBs and they rock!
  6. Ok thanx, I've seen your YouTube grows,very nice!
  7. Would you do a review on the Black Dog Phytomax?
  8. It will be a while before I am open to do more testing. I have a few more budmaster ones to do and after that have a few other companies which have offered me to test their lights. I can't make any promises at this time I will yet.
  9. If you were me on a budget, would you order the Black Dog Phytomax 200 or the Budmaster Xg 4?
    I'd appreciate your advice.
  10. I haven't looked into black dog in a while, but I've been using budmaster now for a few grows and I really like them. I'm using the COB and GOD panels. You should take a look at the COB x4, overall that would be the best bet for the money.
  11. Black Dog is every bit as good as Mars at twice the price and half as good as cob based lights. Lots of crap propaganda out there.
  12. Ok thanx, so I've taken IceMuds' advice and bought a Budmaster G.O.D. 4, which is excellent,amazingly bright compared to the mid range LEDs that I bought to get my grow started.
    So now I need a 2nd main light, Ive emailed XTE in the U.S. twice asking them if they ship to the U.K. but they haven't replied.
    So if I can't get an XTE 200 then I'll save for another G.O.D. 4.
  13. Hi guys I'm also looking at the budmaster range. I've been floating about the site for a month now trying to do all the research before I buy. I'm staying clear of Mars as the reviews look bad. The budmaster cob4 looks good. Can you use this for veg and flower? Having a look at the god 2 also. My grow tent is 80x80x160cm. I'm going to try two DIY bubble buckets that rumpleforeskin did a how to on. What budmaster should I go for? Thanks in advance.
  14. WOW...talk about straight up BS! That Geyapex SOLO listing says it replaces a 600w HID but is only 218w actual power. WOW...just WOW. It amazes me at what some of these light companys will say to sell their products.
  15. I have ZERO personal experience with any of the other MarsHydro products but I will say their 300w old models are very good lights for the money you can not beat them. I have of the original "old model" rated at 170w at the wall. I run mine over autoflower strains so they are on either a 24/0 or 20/4 schedule. After a year and a half the only issue I have had with them is that both have lost 2 diodes on each panel. It's the same 2 diodes on each fixture...go figure. Not even worth my worry. For $70 each who cares. Here is a picture of my results with them. First is a Mephisto Genetics Sour Crack(my first DWC grow) yield was 190grams dry(strain record), next picture is a Bomb Seeds Cherry Bomb 225grams(7.9oz) dry and last picture is of the Mephisto Grape Crinkle I just cut over the weekend, yield was 1,517 grams wet. The Grape Crinkle was grown with 1 Mars 300w old model fixture and my 100w DIY Cree COB fixture I made for a total of 270W of LED.

    SourCrackDay64.jpg CheeryBombday71.jpg Grape_day71_2.jpg
  16. Am I reading that correct? That fixture is around 785.00pounds(over$1,000 US) and only 188w at the wall! I guess I need to start making and selling lights!
  17. Yes, the Budmaster G.O.D. very expensive IMO I'd say they should be 33% less.
    But I would say that I've also bought and currently using Super Helios 6 and a G3+ 220 Smart, the G3 runs very hot,I'm expecting it to fail due to the heat,also,the Super Helios runs slightly cooler but the fans are very noisy.
    The G.O.D. 4 is by a very large margin the coolest and quietest,the build quality and light penetration is vastly superior to the other 2.
    Expensive,yes,almost double the price of other led lights.
    But also high quality.
  18. Hi,I haven't tried the Budmaster cob yet but I can say the Budmaster G.O.D. is amazing.
    My other 2 led lights seem like total crap compared to it. However, the coverage they claim is ambitious at best.
    So go larger.
    Shame they are so pricey though.
  19. You reckon a GOD would cover 80x80x160cm for two plants? Or will I need more light. Also can you use these for veg and flower?

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