Just took some micro pics of my plant...yummy...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bnm80130, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Wow, very nice lookin plants. Frosty as all hell. +Rep
  2. Damn, very sweet. Those pics are so clear I think i can see your plants DNA...
  3. daaaaaaaaamn son! nice work, how far along are they?
  4. very nice photographs...Excellent subject.
  5. Very nice pictures,what camera?
  6. mmmmmmm..........
  7. When the pictures were taken the plant was 43 days into 12/12 and 56 days from seed. I'm not sure what kind of camera it is, I borrowed it from a friend and gave it back to him, all I know is its a hell of a lot better than the one I have.

    And check out all these taboos of growing I've broken and still grew these buds...
    1) vegged for not even 2 weeks
    2) planted in Miracle Grow soil with slow releasing nutes
    3) used Miracle Grow tomato food for vegging
    4) used Miracle Grow bloom booster for flowering
    5) the plant is growing in a pot thats about 1/2 gallon in volume
    6) the plant was vegged under two CFLs totaling 46 watts
    7) the plant is flowering under two CFLs totaling 65 watts (I just changed one of the veg bulbs from a 23 watt daylight to a 42 watt soft)
  8. What strain is it? Must be pretty forgiving if grown in MG. Nice job I like to see people pull off grows like this.
  9. bagseed from some pretty bad mids

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