It's me again, with an idea for heavy K def

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SuperSaneStrain, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. So! After flushing, light feeding, top soiling to cover exposed roots, adjusting lights to highest point etc my plants are still on a downward slope. My latest leaves look like this:[​IMG]
    So I was thinking with such a severe Potassium deficiency I should just get that potassium powder, and water with 6.0 water with some molasses mixed with it.
    What're everyone's thoughts? I'm just trying to get these buds to fatten up.
    Doing a regular half strength advanced nutrient feeding isn't cutting it.
    I've returned the advanced nutrient line, and waiting for a refund. Hopefully they stand by their every penny back guarantee if not 100% satisfied

    Re-Start Grow #1
  2. Need more phosphorus and potassium. The black/purple patches on the leaves and stems look like phosphorus deficiency if it's not because the feed's lacking it could be locked out from zinc or iron excess. Burnt crispy edges potassium def or cal excess, kinda hard to tell though because the leaf is so f'd.

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