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Is strain identification important to you??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BrooklynUK, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. It never used to be a requirement of mine but these days I quite like to know the strain I'm getting (that's as long as you're being told the truth I guess) as I like to look it up, check out the composition, reviews, etc, etc....

    My normal guy wasn't available today, first time in 4 years, so that's a pretty good run! Me and a friend had to go via someone else. So we got the flower, and I asked, "What strain is it mate?" and I politely got a reply of, "no bloody idea, puts you on your arse though!".... Which is kinda what I want to achieve for an evening smoke anyway.

    So yeah, I've got some great flower, it smells great, feels great and smokes great, but I lack a strain name and it's irking me at the back of me brainbox, I'm sure I'll get over it.

    Does knowing the strain type important to anyone ??
  2. Strain types matter for growers but you can grow some many different versions of the same strain its doesn't have a lot of control on the final product. If you cut a bud of a plant at week 9 of flower it will be very different from a flower cut from the same plant at week 11 of flower.
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  3. I just addressed some of this creating a new thread:

    psychoactive weed descriptions

    Live in SFBay Area and since rec became legal have gone to school sampling different strains at a list of dispensaries here and in Nevada. Smoking different strains after t-breaks and during the same day trying to notice differences. Of course smell, taste, visual, varies but to this person as an occasional smoker, not a regular everyday smoker am little interested in smoking qualities. Outside of THC content have noticed little different psychoactive qualities. All affects energetic lively me about the same so I am paying less attention to strain names, little to what I see are non-sense psychoactive descriptions, and more at legal dispensaries to acknowledged legal grower info on product labels and THC/CBN levels.

    I suspect there are more users now that prefer legal dispensaries versus the many illegal ones that are rampant about LA because it is reassuring to know one is getting a healthy product without harmful pesticides, chemicals, and infused other drugs at tested THC/CBN levels.
  4. Unless you get the seed and grow it, you really don't know what it is, and sometime it still may not be what you ordered.
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  5. If you're buying off the streets theres a pretty good chance the strain name is b.s.
  6. Tbh I don’t care as long as it’s

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