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  1. I recently read an article from a lab weed tester that said only 40% (?) of Sour Diesel they tested had any chance of being that strain. And that means many growers are labeling their brand-x seed product for the sake of strain familiarity and a reason I am putting this thread in this business sub -forum as descriptions come from industry people. It is like you all see how others are describing cannabis and just play along.

    And that gets to another related issue that from my perspective, the psychoactive descriptions of strains tend to be non-sense...happy, energetic, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed? From experience I don't believe any of that but rather just THC and CBD content. Obviously from random posts, not a few others here agree. The visual, smoke quality, and fragrance descriptions have interesting value of course. All that psychoactive stuff seems to be coming from heavy frequent every day "mellow" weed users in the cannabis industry that have abysmal tolerance issues.

    After at least a 4 day t-break, I've yet to smoke any high THC weed either Indica or Sativa that I could apply such parameters to as they are all about the same. The whole couch lock bs doesn't apply to this person at all after a t-break though understand how that happens by continuous use. I never every smoke weed to fall boring! I spent 3 hours at the Friday Dead & Company tour kickoff concert dancing in the isles on Indica that is often described as likely to put one on the couch and to sleep. Same thing skiing during winter, if anything I am like silly putty unleashed.

    On the other hand if I smoke more than a couple days straight, I too begin to feel groggy like one does for several minutes after waking up from a too short a night's sleep. And instead of feeling energetic for 2 to 3 hours, start to drag after just a half hour or so. If I keep smoking all day on day 3, after a few hours can smoke as much high THC weed as possible and not come close to the fresh high I had earlier in the day, much less on the day after the t-break. Instead will just get increasingly sluggish and "mellow". And that is tolerance build up.
  2. 4 day t that's hilarious and pointless at the same time.

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