Is my plant dying?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by washmo, Feb 4, 2011.

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  2. have you used any kind of pest control spray??? i have notice after i sprayed my plants some of them didnt mind but some of the ladys didnt like it and leafs started doing that
  3. I think she's just in shock homie.
    Give her love and keep paying attention and I think she'll perk up.
    I could be wrong but I'm not sure. :D
  4. I've only used AzaMax which is suppose to be organic...

    I haven't added any ferts either, as I just transplanted on Jan 31.

    I keep the PH as close to 6.5 as I can.

    The Soil that I used to transplant them in is FoxFarm Happy Frog.

    The bag didn't say that there was any added ferts other than the organic materials used to make the soil either. :confused:


  5. Thanks man, I sure hope so! I could've used all the money that I spent on these plants I have to get a fat bag. lol
  6. well if she is in shock make her happy and you will not have to buy fat sacks but sell them or just grow em haha

  7. I'm doin' my best lol

    I clipped all the yellow leaves off and gave her some water. It perked up a little. I will upload a pic in just a sec.
  8. Here is a shot of all of my children. I transplanted all of them into the Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil.

    The plants in the smaller pots are doing ok, but a few are wilted a bit.

    The second pic is of the pic I originally posted. It looks to have perked up a bit, but the yellowing is what has me worried.

    Thanks for your help GC!

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  9. these ladys are very pretty but the yellow leafs got me worried maybe there are not getting enough nitrogen
  10. Yeah me too. I figured since they were in new soil they would have all the food they need for at least a couple weeks. I'm scared to add anything without knowig for sure what's wrong, ya know... :(
  11. Well they all seem to be doing A LOT better! I gave them water yesterday before I posted, and apparently I just didn't give them enough water when I transplanted them...

    Is it best to saturate all of the soil after a transplant?

    Thanks ALL

  12. Thread still alive?
  13. Where do you get your water...

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