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  1. You can veg two months and flower in a 5 gallon but a 7 would be better. Once you have nice preflowers flowering time isn't going to get shorter than that you will just yield more with a longer veg. A half pound a plant is reasonable with one plant and two months veg so you will have plenty. Training and the strain you grow are going to factor into yield too. I would top early and lst it into a scrog to maximize your yield.i vegged two plants for two months and they take up my entire closet from end to end.
  2. Thanks man, you provided me with a lot of useful information.
  3. Unfortunately there are only 25L and 50L pots that I can buy. Because right now I prefer to move from the plastic pots to Fabric ones, I heard they're much better and create stronger healthier plants cause the roots will get more oxygen. I measure the tent and I think x5 50L pots would be way too big at this point for a 5x5 tent Am I doing the right thing? 25L=6.6Gal, will this get the job done? cause 50 is like 13.2gal and that's kind too big, no?
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    Go with the 25's man. Unless you veg a long time you wont need the 50. Expect a 3 or 4 foot bush for each plant. In a 5x5 4 plants would be the max. Even with 4 i'm sure you will hit something at some point. Thats why i reccomend scrogs.
  5. I bought 6 25L fabric pots and 120L of perlite. Plants are getting bigger everyday, I can see the drastic improvement which makes me happy but kinda worried because the pots will be here only Tuesday probably. I should have ordered a few days ago instead of waiting for the weekend.....
    I'll keep you posted bro, when I see that the tent will get crowded I'll post some pictures of that stuff. another question...... I basically have over 11 plants growing right now, how do i go about kicking those 6 out and maybe vegging them for 3/4 weeks and flower them, i don't care if the yield is small even an ounce out of these 6 plants together would be great if I don't have to put too much effort into them.
  6. smart pot are good, i dont tjink you can get root bound with it not sure though
  7. It's not Smart Pot (the brand) but I suppose it's the same general idea since they're both fabric. I couldn't find any locals selling Smart pots or fabric at all around those dimensions so I had to settle for the fabric ones. 
  8. If you don't have fem seeds you will end up with some males so there go a few already. After that you can weed the slow growing ones or ones that look like they will yield low out and you should be left with about 4 or 5. If they are all from the same seed just try to keep multiple phenos so you don't end up with all the same weed. I would just flower them all and kill them as you run out of space man. Empty space is weed you could have smoked so fill it up.
    About 2 feet from the top of the soil..
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    Crap, I never saw this comment. Anyways, I just got the pots today, I placed the 5 (FEMINIZED) seedlings that are growing everyday nicely in the fabric pots, and I believe the pot has about 60% perlite, the rest is coco, soil, earthworm, peat moss, peat garden. the soil is very airy and I believe the roots will not have any problems expanding in an excellent rate, they're already spreading fast and the stem is getting thicker and taller by the day. (height wise, it's getting a little slow now, it's not getting as tall as it used to in the first few days but now it's getting THICKER and the leaves are very very thick and big too.)
    About the other pots, I decided to put them in the 11L containers, and just like you said, before it gets crowded, I'll begin flowering them and I'll have a smaller yield from those plants but it'll be fast, and even if i'll get about 20-40 grams (in total) from the 4 plants I placed in the 11L buckets, it's still not bad man. The real yield is the 5 fabric pots which seeds only cost me about 55 bucks. And the equipment that cost me over 800-900$. If I don't get my 2 pounds I will be extremely disappointed.
    Today because I was moving the pots and mixing the soils and the stuff with the perlite in the new buckets the plants had an extra hour of light as It took me over an hour to transplant them all from one bucket to another while making sure I'm not killing any roots or even touching them, I did my best to be as gentle as possible.
    I'd love to take pictures but I need the adapter from my Camera and I don't know where to get it from... sucks. Either way, pictures will be uploaded soon in my Grow Journal along more updates.
  11. You shouldn't transplant them, during the the "day", but during the night cycle, the would get so stressed.But it's fine, as long as you did you right ;)Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. That's perfection.
  12. Two pounds on 5 plants you're going to need some time. I would veg 2-3 months to ensure you get that qp per plant. If you plan on doing lst during the stretch height isn't really an issue. You just have to really utilize your space as best you can to pull a number like that from 5 plants. I would reccomend a scrog if you weren't planning on i already to maximize your yield and you will get nothing but top colas.
  13. My grow is probably screwed. They're wilting :'(
    @SupaaBaked @OldMonkey
  14. I'm really considering to just kill them and start all over again :/
    I don';t know man,. they're not getting bigger... Before I translated I used to see something new EVERYDAY! a new leaf, getting longer / taller, thicker something. Now.. it's like it stopped growing but it's not dead. :( One of the sativas I planted (reggie) Already got so big and nice and tons of leaves. And it's a shit seed that came with my bag of weed.
  15. Don't stress dude, when a person is stressed they can't reason properly. Are they really wilting? What have you done different after the transplant? Did you change your light cycles, maybe the feeding cycle, is there anything different?Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. That's perfection.
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    I don't feed them. Water only. I decided to begin nuting after week 4, let them be for the first few weeks. Light cycle, exactly the same. I turn then on everynight at 8PM, turn them off the next day at 2PM. The cycle doesn't change
  17. If everything is the same, I see no reason why they would wilter. did the transplant went well? Or was there something that could have stressed them a lot?Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. That's perfection.
  18. \nI have a feeling the would have enjoyed the soil more than the perlite. I think they don't like the perlite. Fuck the guy in this forum with the 100% perlite pots I saw he posted and they looked so good I wanted to add more perlite to this shit.
    \nI bought another 600W hps kit. Tomorrow I'll put them on. So from tomorrow I''ll be vegging on 1200W. (180k lumens)
  19. Wait, what is your soil right now? 100% perlite?Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. That's perfection.
  20. Maybe 70%.

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