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  1. I see a bunch of posts of people posting their grows with lots of perlite in their grow. I've got... 20% peat moss, 35% peat garden. 10% earthworm castings of high quality, 30% perlite. I also am growing in 3 Gal pots and I've noticed most people grow in much bigger pots and I'm kind of worried about that aswell. I'm only at day 4 and the roots are still developing meaning, I stil have time to order larger pots for larger plants. Should I? Should I order more perlite and blend it with the soil, perhaps create a 50-60% perlite ratio? Tent is 150x150x200. Vegging under 600 HPS, floweing under 1200.

  2. Indoor?  I can only relate what I have learned about indoor growing.  3 gallons seems to be about the average size.  You are just fine with 30% perlite.  Don't over think it.
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    use 5 or 7 gallon pots, mine filled a 5 gallon in 3 week. Also use as much perlite as you like,it will help with drainage
  4. I want to maximize the yield to the fullest... I want to grow enough medicine for a year. (If I'll manage to harvest 1-2 pounds I will feel like the king of the world.) That's my goal. The question is, will i be able to reach that goal with 5 plants in a 150x150x200 tent while flowering under 1200w? I've been checking out LST aswell, for maximizing the yield. I'm only at day 4/5 and the plants are showing drastic improvement from day to day, leafs growing bigger (plants getting stretchy as F! they won't stop getting taller and taller.)
    So, should I order bigger pots and 100L perlite now? What kind of nutrients do you suggest I should use and when should I begin applying them?
  5. If you are going to make a change.  The earlier you do it the better.  I think your mind is made up.  Go for it!
  6. 4 ounce each plants yeah you could get a 1lb, veg it for a month or so. And with proper nute and eviroment a 1k watt hps will get u a pound. Im doing 60 plant im expecting 4 ounce each
  7. I'm vegging for 2 months... you think it will double those 4 ounces?
  8. yea what strain? Top and train it for more yeild. For 2 mknth you definitely need a 7 or 10 gallon
  9. Check my signature out lol
  10. I would veg one month in the 3g then transfer to 10g. Lst, veg another month or so ( until the plants hit about 1.5 to 2ft ) then flower. Four to six ounces per plant wouldnt be unreasonable to expect under that much lighting.
  11. What about this?
    Should I buy it and turn it on at night?
  12. Don't know the website I'm looking at has strong convincing skills :S Do you know anything about the Co2 tablets? I've been  thinking about them for a while. Can they help with soil, or is it just nonesense
  13. 5 gal pots are huge able to grow most plants unless u have a warehouse
    larger pot larger yield
  14. Remenber one thing, the longer the veg, the shorter the flower (this applies for big times of veg). But yes, keep them during 2 months in veg :) and you will get a big yield, I think, you will be able to get, what you want. And I love your idea, growing enough one time, for a whole year. I never though that way.
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    I grow with 5 gallon buckets, promix bx soil, and botanicare nutes.

    I grow about 16 plants per cycle under 4 600w lights and I can tell you that bucket size is everything.  I put my clones / seeds right into a 5 gallon bucket to start and do 2 months of veg then 2 months of flower and my plants get to about chest high and yeild about a half pound each..

    When I was younger I grew a little with 2 gallon pots under CFLs... I harvested like 1/2 oz off each plant..

    Hope that this helps..
  16. so your saying if i veg mine for 5 month my flowering time would be shorter?
  17. nice, how big was it when you flip?
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    I never made any experience regarding that, but I read it in Jorge Cervantes "grow bible". But I believe he is right. The more time you give the plant in the veg state, the more time she has to prepare herself.Everything that a plant does in the veg state is preparing herself for flowering, she does not only get bigger and bigger, she also prepares herself in a chemical way, she does not produce auxins related to flowering, but will produce everything she needs to make that change. Thats why you can see the sex of the plant before the flower stage, it is called pre-flowering. Even tough she is not flowering yet, she is getting ready for it.Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. That's perfection.If you are afraid to fall, you just fall 'cause you are afraid.
  19. This light is not needed for the plant in any purpose. What this light does is giving visible light (in the visible spectrum, it emits a color that you can see), but it is not in the <span>photosynthesis spectrum, so it is perfectly okay, to turn on this light, while she is in her darkness period, cause she won't see the light. But you will.</span>
    <span>It will only be needed if you want to see the plant while she is sleeping, and you don't want to peturb her seepling, turning on the lights.</span>

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