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Inland Empire!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mrhippo, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. :yay:

    what are yall doing for fun out here. I am usually heading down to SD to surf, but obviously thats a really fucken long trip. so far the buds been pretty decent out here in the IE
  2. Inland Empire huh? I use to live in Rancho Cucomonga while going to tech training. I was taking a break from smoking herb so I really didn't a chance to try the local goods. Man when I was down there I would go to Casino Morongo all the time.
  3. Good shit man, I'm tempted by those casinos but I know its inevitable that I will lose money, expecially at those Indian casinos I hear
  4. I live in Colton.
  5. i used to live in a beach city of Redondo . i know its not Inland empire but hey its So. Cal :) but now im kickin it out in Las Vegas with my family
  6. hit up the raves in LA or SB
  7. yeah, ive been thinking about heading into la, but the traffic is such a bitch its a tough call whether or not its worth the effort yeah know? been gettin pretty decent mids here, but none of this legendary cali bud yet. hopefully soon. yall do any disc golfing or surfing blazed? Surfing has got to be one of the most intense situations
  8. Like I said, you can easily get some of the best marijuana in the country. Take advantage man, take advantage. Check out some of the goods up north.
  9. I am completely dry and it feels terrible :(
  10. yup yup know how yeah feel. no one at my damn college smokes. shits fucked up.
  11. where you go to college? I'm from San bernardino n know a lot of people who smoke at the local 4 years

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