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  1. Its really bad thanks to our president, when i visited Poland in the summer of 06' the exchange rate was 3 zloty for 1 US dollar, today its 2 zloty for 1 US dollar. do u realize thats a 33% drop in the value of the dollar from only 2 years ago, it may be a little bit off because the polish zloty did get a little bit stronger naturally but its still crazy that the money we have now is worth alot less now than a few years ago. like now were seeing companies from europe and around the world buy US companies becasue of the weak dollar like Anheuser Busch got bought by a Belgian company i belive they were from, which is not good at all this money should be staying in America. any thoughts on curbing inflation because thats a really bad problem for everyone.
  2. Curbing inflation is easy. STOP PRINTING FIAT MONEY.

    But they won't listen.

  3. What do you hope to achieve by taxing more? It is statistically proven that lowering corporate income taxes 10% raises productivity 1.1%.

    The rich do not have suffer the costs of their taxes, the people beneath them do. It's sleight of hand anyways, because the taxes don't benefit anybody.


    That's the total money supply of US dollars. Recovering from the e-bubble caused a lot of inflation. We're pretty much screwed.

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