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  1. looking for the best indoor strain to grow that will give me the most quality.
    I was thinking about Early Misty. any other suggestions?
  2. no, there are no easy replies to "the best". the best depends alot on your personal priorities. what are you looking for? quality? quantity? there are a ton of variables involved. the strain i saw get the most votes in everyone's top ten lists was blueberry which is probably because of it's euphoric high and flavor, but the strain can also be troublesome to grow. leaf curling is common and i seem to remember hearing other problems like low disease resistance or something. i've heard that bubbleberry is actually better than bubblegum & blueberry somewhere once

    personally, i won't touch any indica dominant "cash crops" because i hate the being stoned & tired. i like trippy & energetic sativas. they take longer and grow bigger, but they're worth the trouble as far as i'm concerned. i'd highly recommend you consider cinderella 99 if you want a potent and trippy plant that grows quick like an indica. it's floral odor is also pretty stealthy, but some smokers hate the paranoia that comes with trippier weed.

    there just are no easy answers. every plant has it's pros and cons.

    i'd suggest the first thing you do is visit an online seed shop like drchronic and read product descriptions first. then, you'll have a broad understanding of strains. create a shortlist of strains that sound interesting to you then research them further through online smoke/grow reports here or at the excellent overgrow guide.

    here, why don't you start at this thread

    i posted a few useful links in it like the overgrow guide, cannabis cup results & a smoke shop smoke report site along with starting the thread with a statistical breakdown of everyone's top ten lists.

    do some homework and get an idea of what YOU like. no matter what it is, someone will suggest you go the exact oppisite way because of what THEY like. i'd totally disagree with anyone who thinks indicas are the best there is, but that's MY tastes.

    if you want the best answer to this question, state your priorities first. PLEASE don't chose priorities that are all about money money money though. put quality 1st.

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