im highly uneducated

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  1. wow

    there is so much to know.:cool:

    if you know one thing know god
  2. elaborate please
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  4. I learn better with my lack of knowledge....
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  6. All praise Bob the Almighty!
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    Being "educated" is just being filled with knowledge other people told you, none that you found on your own.

    To really know something, and to truly have knowledge, one must find out for themselves.
  9. Not really. Just because you've learnt something from someone else, doesn't mean it's not true.
  10. without absolute certainty no one can know anything
  11. impossible to even fathom if it even exists.
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    True that...

    But I would add that I'm not speaking out against education, it is very important.

    But a person should never believe anything completly if they do not know it by their own cognition and reasoning. Everything else should be taken with a grain of salt, utilized when nessacary. But, when someone tells you something, wheather it be a professor, friend, bum, or the pope, you should not take that as fact unless you can also come to that conclusion based on your own independant thinking. A person in society needs to utilize various "facts" that are told to them to "get around" in our world, and thus shouldn't totally disregard anthing, but--instead--should activly try to make sense of everything in "the big picture" that is your overall "method of existence."


    Can you fathom the concept of "love?"
    You have "fathomed" the the concept of "God."
    ;) :)
  13. Yeah, everything above that last couple of sentences I agree with completely.

    But the concept of god and the concept of love are two COMPLETELY different things...
  14. Why do you think so?

    What is your concept of "true love?"
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    how do you know for sure God is love? thats just from your own perspective/belief...... i have actually been wanting to make a thread about this.

    why does everyone talk about God in a positive light? what if God was really evil?

    suppose he put us here for his own entertainment to watch us die. not saying i believe that but i think its just funny that people assume that.

    now im waiting for someone to call me crazy

    edit- when i say God, in no way do i mean the conventional definition (as in say the christian religion), but just a higher being in general
  16. Well...
    lets just say, my concept of love does not include a being who suggests selling daughters to slavery; who promotes the brutal killing of homosexuals; who promotes the massacres of whole towns and cities simply because they do not believe in him.

    ...what's your concept of love?

  17. Of course, it is just my own persective/belief, it couldn't possibly be anything else to anyone but myself, as per my previous posts in this thread.

    For one thing, do you really want to think that God is evil? Would that make you happy to believe that this entire world is propagating a malicious intent? I certainly don't.

    It most certainly is not crazy to think anything like that, infact its more sane than someone who doesn't think about things like that. Again, in my opinion.

    Try to imagine what God thought when he created us...What was his intention in doing so?
    Could you see it being "benevelent" or "malicious?" I, personally, cannot see an iota of maliciousness in it...You?
  18. well i myself dont believe in the theory i mentioned, because i think that many things that i deem malicious isnt in nature itself but happened or evolved from humans.

    but thinking of the fact that we live just to die made me think about how god may not be all loving. its kind of a tease, he gives us everything (everything meaning life) and that which is everything can be taken away from us at any moment.

    then again, one who is living in a hell hole may see death as a gift to get them out of their environment. but that would mean that the birth of that person was a curse.....

    damn it im rambling now and just have way too much to say
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    Old thread.

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