Icetohot's "Upgrade Grow" - 250 Watt HPS - FLOWERING DAY 1!

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    DAY 40
    DAY 01 of Flower!

    I had originally planned to go all CFL, but now its HPS powered and flowering so I started a new thread.

    Old thread
    Roommates Thread - Flowering(11x42w CFL)

    My Setup:
    Stealth closet grow
    Homemade grow box
    Seeds - Bagseed x 2, Northern Lights x Skunk x 1
    Soil - Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    Nutrients - Big Bloom & Grow Big
    Water - Distilled with tap water PH adjustments
    Temperature (with cool tube) - 73 - 78 degrees
    Lights - 1 x 250 watt HPS, about 25000 lumens + CFL supplemental lights
    Cool tube Exhaust - 4" Inline duct fan, 60 CFM and another 120mm exhaust
    Intake - 2 x 120mm

    The Plants -

    NL x S

    Bagseed 1

    Bagseed 2

    The cool tube + 250w HPS

    Homemade ballast (sitting on part of a computer case)
  2. Although installation wasn't easy this light is AWESOME and the home made cool tube can't work any better. It has great pull with the 4'' fan and keeps the room cooler than his original CFL setup. Plus his closet glows yellow and thats the perfect thing to be looking at when ur baked right before you fall asleep LOL. Looking forward to puffing the fruits of this labor:smoke:
  3. I added another 2 x 42w CFLs at the bottom to help fill in shadows. Now its about 330 watts :hello:
  4. Beautiful plants, icetohot. Can't wait to see what buds they produce!
  5. Nice Bro!!!! As a fellow grower, I share your pain. I wish you could snap your fingers and boom you have the flowers of the seeds you bought.. But then again it would take away from the learning experience. Enjoy where your at in grow bro. It only comes around once. I'll be harvesting exactly one week before you. Keep us posted!:hello:
  6. Lookin sick, man. Plants are looking healthy for sure. How far away do you have to keep your HPS from the tops/canopy?
  7. I have my HPS about 2 ft from the tops of the plants right now. Unfortunately I can't move the HPS up much higher so it's pretty much there until the rest of the grow.
  8. looking really good, can't wait to see the finished product, and can't wait till my 400W HPS gets here! :hello: Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Hey man,

    Your bagseed grow seems to be going well, what day are your babies on?

    Also i saw you have that digital thermometer does that also tell humidity? Where / how much did that run you? Is it worth it?

    Also has the reflective stuff you put in your grow box been effective? I think i eventually want to do something like that so my whole closet isnt lit up 24/7 lol
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    Day 45
    Day 06 of Flower

    Heights are as follows:
    BS 1 - 18 inches
    BS 2 - 11 inches
    NLxS - 10 inches

    Smooth sailing so far. These are pictures I took yesterday after watering with 1 tbsp Big Bloom and 2 tbsp Tiger Bloom.

    BS #1 -
    BS #2 -
    NL x S -
  11. Looking good man, throw the family photo up :eek::cool::smoking:
  12. haha i see the cat in the ur cat obsessed with your growspace too? ha
    im always yelling at my roommates cat to get out of our closet before she fucks something up haha.
    im loving the 250w! how hard/expensive was that to setup?
    i have a 150w that cost 30 and after getting supplies i rigged up in 10mins tops
  13. FOR YOUR SAFTEY!!!!!: photobucket is supposed to report pictures of illegal activities..
    everyone has been saying that their agreement poilcy states they can give your info to third person parties aka cops and etc so i took all mine out to be safe..just a heads up on that
  14. looking darn good mate, keep doing your thing, can't wait to reach there one day.:hello:
  15. I might remove them but I'm not to worried as its a fake account with fake information. I highly doubt they'd lookup my ip address and subpoena my customer information and confiscate my computer to prove it was me.

    Anyway, updates in a few hours.
  16. DAY 046
    DAY 07 of Flower

    Heights are as follow:
    BS #1: 22"
    BS #2: 12"
    NLxS: 11"

    BS #1:
    Sex Shot!
    BS #2:
    Sex Shot!
    Sex Shot!
    Family Shot:

    I just realized that TinyPic is owned by Photobucket, so I'm going to stay with photobucket for their bulk uploader.

    Thanks for watching!​
  17. Looking good Ice- Your going to have some sticky Icky before you know it bro! I'll be interested to see how this 250w cycle turns out. Good luck dudeBro:smoking:
  18. Today the 22" BS #1 showed its sex pretty clearly and I'm sad to announce it as a male :(

    Oh well more room for the surviving two, here's the male pic.

  19. DAY 050
    DAY 11 of Flower

    Heights are as follow:
    BS #1: Chopped because of being male
    BS #2: 14.5"
    NLxS: 17"

    BS #2:

    Bud site close-up:
  20. nice 250 grow mate:D
    im on 250w hps also...
    an the cooltube fluro:smoke:

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