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  1. I want to learn how to grow my own plants... 1 or 2 seeds is fine by me... no idea were to start.. looking at growing closets a small one.. what else do I need? What kind of light,soil and all that... as I said nothing special but like 1 or 2 seeds

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  2. If you're willing to do some research on your own and if you have some money for lights/fan/filter, etc. Send me a PM and I'll help you.
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  3. yep do a bit of research ..read a few grow journals here at GS ,,,,or a site called growweedeasy.com .........and decide what light your going to use eg : sodium or LED ,,.and like pistils above theres plenty people here to give you help mate ,,,any way luck with what ever you choose ti do ,,,,,,mac...
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  4. In my opinion for a small semi decent grow youll need around 275-350$ is that a problem? And thats being pretty cheap. If thats not a problem let me know and I will definitely give you an idea of what all you need... but if thats to much there really isnt any point in going and listing it all lol.
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  5. No money is not an issue.. I live in Germany.. so what I have researched so far everything will be about 400-500 Euro range

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    Yeah being in euro probably will be. I can list everything id recommend but I just have a few questions..

    Are you willing to consider a grow tent? Closets arent as easy as they sound you need to run ventilation into and out of it and during 12/12 you cant have light leaks so unless you want to cut a hole in the wall or remove the door a 75$ tent will save you so much trouble.

    What size space do you want? For two plants id recommend getting a 4x2x6 as thatll be a good size space... or a 3x3x6 would work equally as well. What type of lighting are you interested in? For small grows id recommend just getting some LED's if you are just wanting to test the waters id get budget LED's as you can always upgrade after a grow or two and use the budget led's for veg and newer high tech led for flower... unless you would rather buy a more advanced LED at the getgo. More importantly though what type of yields are you looking for?

    Dont get me wrong if you have 300-400$ to drop on just lighting alone go for a newer LED as they are impressive however on top of the light expect to spend 200$ give or take on the rest of the equipment depending as im not from Europe could be more. Even budget LED's should yield you 10x their worth at least lol if grown properly so it can vary depending on the person and the research and commitment. So at the first least you can use a fraction of the harvest to upgrade to better lighting for flower and have a perpetual grow going the closet can be for veg and tent for flower since light leaks arent a problem in veg... im just brainstorming for you is all lol
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  7. Got my seeds today... Very please and happy for quick shipment.....also some freebie seeds;)
    I have a couple of member helping me out with my first grow and I am grateful for that.. along with doing my research of course...
    Now all I need is to get the rest of my equipment [​IMG]

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