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  1. Pickin' the meat off your bones... :devious:
  2. That's a hoot.....or whatever a buzzard does?

    My meat has no bone;)

    peace and pot bro
  3. Mental note; Stay away from BUZZARD...:cool:
  4. I don't have bones, I'm supported by a system of fluid filled bladders...
  5. I'm just one, giant, dank nug.
  6. I have magical powers to prevent such things from happening.
  7. I'm so dank that when your magical powers tried to hit me, they just stuck and nothing happened. I am sorry, but I win.
  8. *pulls out his lighter*
  9. *pulls out his bong*

    You want greens LT?
  10. You can have the honors man. :p
  11. LoL... I think we scared Reggin away :D :laughing:
  12. lol, that'll learn 'em to turn into a dank (I still hate that word) nug in front of a bunch of stoners. :p
  13. I love the word dank... I love smoking dank a whole lot more, though :p :D
  14. http://forum.grasscity.com/general/152201-dank-hate-love.html

    It would seem the majority agree with you. However, I still detest the word, it always makes me think of moldy, smelly, wet, disgusting weed. :)
  15. See, it reminds me of the dank smell of some bomb ass weed :D Thus the beauty of having different experiences, huh? :)
  16. LT....shhhh...you're showing your age. j/k

    dank in the 6Os and 7Os ment nasty bleach smelling brick weed.

    I do get a kick outta this place. you guys are nutty as squrril poo...lol. and I'm the king:) of nutty poo.

    reggin!?! what's up....

  17. What up dude?
  18. lol, I am only 27! I was not alive for the 60s and only alive for a month and some odd days in the 70s. ;)
  19. ^^^ Geez you're ancient ....;).....
  20. Hell yeah. They say you are only as old as you feel, so in acuality, I am 150 years old. Take that suckers! ;)

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