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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by medicaliOG, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hey all! So i've been a hydro guy for years now and have my hydro on lock. I am now helping a friend that just got their 215 card :hello: get started. There are a few area's where I have questions about soil mixes, watering schedule.

    As far soil brand goes I would like some help figuring out what brand to use/ what I will need to add ect... So far my thoughts are Roots soil (camo bag) or Promix soil. Do any of you use either of these, do add anything, how did it work?

    2nd question: I feel dumb asking this but, from my understanding soil like Roots have NPK's already in the soil. So Do you feed with liquid nutrients, because I would like to! When do u start feeding with liquid nutrients. Do you feed nutrients every time you water? How often do you flush out your soil?
    I'd like Import from experienced soil growers who have good results! thanks a lot guys for the help in advanced!!
  2. I'm using Roots Organics line. You can check out my grow in my sig.
    I am using the greenfields soil mix and it has some nutes in it already so you won't need to feed right away.
    I'm using Buddha grow , Buddha bloom, and Trinity.
    So far I like this mix. The hydro shop said I could run the whole grow on this, I'm still new so I'm not sure if I will need more but like I said so far it's been good with the only nute problems being my fault, and price was not to bad either as you do not use much at a time.

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