Humidity problems

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  1. So I finally set my tent up and everything seems to be running well but my humidity is way too low. I have my thermometer thing that tells humidity on top of my grow light which may be why but it's saying my humidity is only 24%. Can anyone help with a solution on how to fix this.
  2. 24% humidity is not bad mine runs 24% above the lights and 30 at the canopy and never had one problem

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  3. I'm nervous I will get mold or mildew :/. I knee reading everywhere that low humidity is bad for growth

    Also my tent is at about 73 degrees inside. But I'm running my light at 75% and I just realized my thermometer was on top of the grow light so its probably even colder in there I'm about to switch my ballast to 100%.
  4. Mold and mildew grow in high humidity not low it's better to be too low then to high low you're not going to get mold are mildew but to High u well

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  5. My worry is I'm sucking out the air too fast. My fan is a 394cfm fan but it's a 3 speed so I run it at low. My tent is only 4x2x5 but I have bends in my ducts and a carbon filter as well as my light being cooled by the fan too.
  6. The more air the better I run a 600 CFM fan with a charcoal filter on my tent my tent is a 4 x 4 x 6 and I run it full open

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  8. My humidity is actually only at 22 now. My soil is looking pretty dry as well maybe that's why? I may get a humidifier but I don't want to spend any more on my electric.
  9. This is my set up

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  10. I'm telling you you don't need to worry about your humidity it will be ok

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  11. I put a jar of water with a paper towel wick. It has raised my humidity. Just refill the jar as it dries out. Not the best, but it helps.
  12. I could get one of those cheap raindrop shapped ones off amazon pretty cheap
  13. @mad ganja702 is spot on. No worries about low humidity. When you go to dry your harvest, you may want to be concerned with low humidity, but you have a while before that. depending on where you live, the RH should start raising soon anyway.
  14. Incorrect sir. Different types of both mold and mildew occur at different humidity lvls. White powder mildew for example typically happens in low humidity high temp rooms. Its best to achieve 30%-50%.

    For low humidity get a single room cool most humidifier for your most effective way to raise it. As stated before. A damp towel hanging half out of a bucket with a fan blowing over it will help a lil.

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  15. I wanted to bump this because I was wondering if the season change will be raising my rh soon because after planting last night I'm still running 22% rh for my seedlings
  16. Season change means little anymore for indoor growers. If you're in a region that has a rain season or an extensive dry season is an exception. Here in tn there's lil difference. When it rains or snows rh goes up, as it dries rh goes down. Now... Spring and specially summer will have you scrambling a few times. When it rains and that hot summer sun evaporates it all humidity spikes reaching as high as 70% inside. After its been dry for a week or 2 and things get arid, rh plummets with the relentless sun baking everything. Indoor, you find yourself scrambling to adjust the rh for each situation. This will always happen in these environments if you bring in fresh air from the outside. An air tight sealed room with only an exhaust and supplemental o2 and co2 is the only way to have 100% control of environments

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  17. So would you recommend me getting a humidifier for my tent?
  18. Cool mist single room humidifier to raise humidity. You can try a bucket of water, dip and ring a hand towel hang it over the edge half in the water with a fan blowing over it for a free less effective way. And eventually when you need to drop the rh calcium chloride I believe. Basically damprid. Is the cheapest way. Dehumidifier being the most effective.

    If you dont get a cool mist humidifier you will have the same problem as you would with a dehumidifier. An ample amount of heat to deal with.

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  19. I was thinking of getting this one but like I said I don't want my electric bill to get too high.

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