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How to make hard candy

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mnt_grrrl, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. I am looking to make hard candy and I am looking for a great recipe. How ever I would like people input on what the best method of preparing the source material is. RSO would be easiest but other things are doable.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. I prefer a Green Dragon hard candy process and you can use RSO if you want. I also like to use isomalt for sugar-free candies and for it's ease of use over granulated sugar.

    Some people use oil but the sugar doesn't absorb the oil very well and your potency is limited by that. The alcohol extraction is the easiest since you get the candy mix up to hard crack first. You let it cool to 260° then add your extraction to the candy and stir fast as the alcohol flashes off. That will leave behind the cannabinoids in the candy. It works very well.

    I make candy quite a bit and any concentrate can be used for your infusion as long as it dissolves in alcohol. If using RSO then you'll dissolve your oil in about a half ounce of 190 proof alcohol. I suggest that you practice with a virgin batch to start to see how it works. :)
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  3. I am sure it is obvious where the green dragon hard candy recipe is but I am not finding it. Can you show me how to find it please
  4. Actually, I had forgotten to put it in my table of contents but it's there now. Here's the link and I'm sorry that I don't have pictures or a video of it but it can get kind of messy and you need to work fast. I have a video for the isomalt which is very similar, just different temps and properties. Just ask in the thread if you have any questions. :)
    Green Dragon/Shatter Hard Candy
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