How much money do all the supplies cost?? (total)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sir Breach, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Thinking of getting into growing, and just wondering how much I'll have to spend...

    also, do you think I'll have smokeable stuff on my first grow?
  2. Soil or coco will be your cheaper grow setups. You could break in with a 400w MH/HPS light a couple containers, nutes... probably all for under $350.
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    So far I have spent over $100 on my stuff and I haven't even started yet. The seeds, soil, nutes, and bulbs. I still have to buy more bulbs along with the fixtures so that will be another $50 or more. Oh and I forgot I need some perlite, pH test kit, digital timer, and a temperature/humidity gauge.
  4. you can grow for well under 100bucks or spend 10000 its up to you. First ask your self what a reasonable number of plants for your spot? What strain whould you like to grow? O that 100bucks does not mean with seeds brought online (name brand strains are a MUST!).
  5. this is a very addictive hobby! you will find once you get started, you will always want to tweak your room to make better and more efficient. i'm just over $800 and still need a few things to get rolling. i'm close!

    my first grow was in a closet, in soil, with a 400w mh. i grew white widow and got just shy of 4oz's. so ya, you will be smoking your first grow. if you done your homework?

    best of luck!

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