How long to cure bud for?

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  1. Once my bud is dried out and put in the mason jars to cure, how long should I keep burping the jars for?
  2. If it's dried to 62% to start with no burping of the jars is needed.
    Don't overdry. Below 55% is to dry and it won't cure.

    What Factors a Cause an "Earth" Smell

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  3. 2-3 months minimum is my personal preference.
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  4. Like BnW said once you get the bud dry enough (~60%) seal it up and don't open it again until you are ready to smoke it. This period of time from when the jar is sealed and when it is opened to be used is the cure and as was said above 2-3 months is a good cure.
  5. How do I go about measuring the humidity level of my bud then?
  6. Drop one of these into your jars:

    I use 'em and they work great
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  7. If I had a cheap humidity meter from the hardware store, would that work the same way, even if it's a little bigger? Is that all those are, humidity meters?
  8. As long as it fits in the jar. Lol also those thing are like 15 to 20 u.s. dollars shipped to your house for a 4 pack.
  9. I like to cure at least 2 weeks before smoking to much. before 2 weeks I dont get much improvement in smell or flavor, after 2 weeks i get better smoke every week that I sample.
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  10. Popcorn, I think that's the answer I was looking for. Thanks.
  11. I've been growing organically in (no-till style) living soil for a while now and since making the switch curing is almost obsolete. You can start smoking almost right away and rather than 2 - 3 months wait, its usually fine in 3 - 4 weeks.
  12. 3-4 weeks, hmm, that's interesting. I might try that out, I'm growing organically too. If it has any harshness to it after that time, I'll know to add some time to it. I know the bud I just processed has only been curing for about 4-5 days, and already the harshness when you smoke it is starting to go away.
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  13. So how would I go about measuring the humidity of my bud when it's hanging on the plant waiting to be cured?
  14. Toss some humidity readers in there. And in the jars eventually

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  15. So the relative humidity of the room I was drying in would depend on the moisture content of the weed?
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  16. That and the humidity content of the air coming into your drying area.
    You want the buds outer parts to feel crispy to the touch. Not crumbling, falling apart crunchy. Crunchy in a way I can’t really describe it. You have to take hanging time in consideration, and I’m not advising you to do this but imma share. I hung them for 5 days, felt the slightest bit of crispiness and panicked. It was the first day my tent read below 60% while. So I jarred my “crispy” weed and that shit shot to like 70 even 80% on some jars. Then I let some hang out for 7-8 days, jarred at like high 60’s. I guess I’m saying keep an eye on the the humidity each day. I panicked at 5 days, but the weed was straight, like, no I’ll effects on smell or taste. Ended up smelling like all the other. I grew a LOT of the same strain... but if you’re keeping good air flow and humidity levels, hang them for a week. I hope it works out tho!
  17. Minimum 2-3 weeks once the humidity has been stabilized. The longer you go the better it gets
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  18. I’ve been seeing/eyeballing those. I brought the hygrometer part that I throw in the jars. Seems like it wouldn’t be to hard to instal them in the lid urself

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