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  1. So i have 3 plants that are nearly done 2 x girl scout cookies 1 x gorilla glue from fast buds.

    They are 12 weeks old on Wednesday just wondering how long they may have left?

    Would the crappy English weather slow them down a bit?

    Its my first time growing so im not to sure.

    20170730_140257.jpg 20170730_140303.jpg 20170730_140309.jpg 20170730_140314.jpg 20170730_140320.jpg 20170730_140324.jpg 20170730_140331.jpg 20170730_140342.jpg 20170730_140346.jpg 20170730_140351.jpg 20170730_140356.jpg 20170730_140359.jpg 20170730_140403.jpg 20170730_140406.jpg 20170730_140415.jpg 20170730_140419.jpg 20170730_140424.jpg 20170730_140430.jpg
  2. Pics like that only tell so much of the tale. Go buy a loupe to check Triches that's the best way you want mainly milky with a percentage of Amber Triches.

    They look great but we're they done out door totally?

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  3. Agree with facebookmadnz really need to track the trichs but your buds have not plumped up yet and the plants still look fresh vibrant IMO when you get within a couple weeks your plants stop putting energy into the plant leaves etc. and start looking tired and some leaves turn colors an die off, buds suddenly plump up and get more round vs x-mas tree looking, all hairs turn color and recede back into buds, then you need too look at the trichs daily...
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  4. I have a loup its x60 magnification ill try and take some pictures with that if i can. Im just struggling as they all seem to be clear still ? Thought i would double check rather be safe than sorry.

    Yeah man started them outside as well all done in the UK I have a little thread.

    First outdoor UK autoflower grow
  5. Thanks bro didnt know thats why it happened. Think I will just have to be patient and keep an eye on them.
  6. The crazy thing is it can start any time and when it does you will get more of a dense bud. Plus if your going to do outdoor your better working out what seeds is better for outdoor growing as if I'm correct they can be very low yield outdoors

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  7. How lovely i did not know that ha ha! Hopefully that happens sometime soon. Yeah i had someone recommend this seed to me had some nice yeilds outdoors. We will see I hope she does but they are only in 17l pots
  8. Bud rot ?

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  9. One of the original pics had a web on it. Possibly start of spider mites?
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  10. By "crappy english weather" I am assuming that the sun there isn't producing as much Lumens as in hotter places like the equator? That could slow down photosynthesis. But your plants should be done flowering in 8-10 weeks.
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  11. Spider mites can do that?

    Ive chopped it out now so we shall see just got to keep an eye on it i guess.

    20170801_205035.jpg 20170801_205043.jpg 20170801_205046.jpg 20170801_205051.jpg 20170801_205055.jpg 20170801_205100.jpg 20170801_205104.jpg 20170801_205110.jpg 20170801_205115.jpg 20170801_205125.jpg 20170801_205130.jpg 20170801_205135.jpg 20170801_205147.jpg 20170801_205153.jpg 20170801_205159.jpg 20170801_205203.jpg 20170801_205210.jpg
  12. Bingo! Weather here has been cloudy and rainy lovely jubbly.

    8-10 weeks from when these are autos there 12 weeks old today!
  13. Or less hours of sunlight
  14. that first plant looks like its close, like within a few weeks. Looks good, is it an auto? I'm thinking it is because of how its grown lol.
    Like everyone has said keep an eye on the trichomes, I usually cut when they are all milky with just a touch of amber. But on multiple bud sights, not just one.
  15. Yeh. Sometimes with a lot of cloudy weather you do not get much sunlight. Therefore slower growth.

    I keep forgetting that clouds exist. Lol. It only rains in my country like once every 2 months and it's always sunny. Lol
  16. Yeh. Sometimes with a lot of cloudy weather you do not get much sunlight. Therefore slower growth.

    I keep forgetting that clouds exist. Lol. It only rains in my country like once every 2 months and it's always sunny. Lol
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  17. Yeah cheers man i hope they are ha ha! Yeah all of them are, i was wondering about that what if my lowers dont get any ambers but the top starts getting more ambers?
  18. Thought so would that slow down the time it takes for the plant to finish then?
    Oh damn where are you from? Share some of the sun with us just for a month ha ha
  19. there are some people who will cut down whats ready and wait for the rest, since in theory it shouldn't be too far behind. But, I personally just chop it when I see a little bit of amber.

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