First outdoor UK autoflower grow

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  1. Yeah ive bent a few but they seem to untuck them selves ha ha. I really want to top one of my little ones but im scared not to sure how to do it. Im a but clueless on how to chop it all down and what to do with the trimmings really aswell. got any advice or a good place to read up?
  2. I wouldn't top autos mate. when it comes to harvest I give them water about 5 days before,
    let them dry out,
    Try and do it before sun up
    remove fan leaves,
    Then I take the branches off,
    Quick trim leaving cm or so close to buds,
    Then I go over again with more time and care and give them a close cut (catching all the close trim to use for oil or butter) get yourself some powder free latex gloves. Everyone seems to do it there own way but that works best for me,it mite be worth breaking bigger buds down so there's less chance of mold when drying. You've prob got a few weeks left lots of white pistils still and they've got a bit more swelling todo
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  3. Cheers bro yeah i wanted to give them like a 10 day flush ha ha.
    Cheers bro ill bare that mind. Yeah i thought so a few have turned orangey. Just went there and my room had fallen on one of them it squished a few leaves nothing major ha ha.

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  4. Is this the start of bud rot ?
    20170722_144311.jpg 20170722_144315.jpg 20170722_144321.jpg
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  5. This is tr rest of them is it me or are they very thin and not fattening ?

    The two next to eachother are 6 weeks old same strain different pot ha ha
    20170722_144605.jpg 20170722_144557.jpg 20170722_144553.jpg 20170722_144543.jpg 20170722_144549.jpg 20170722_144534.jpg 20170722_144528.jpg 20170722_144523.jpg 20170722_144519.jpg 20170722_144515.jpg 20170722_144510.jpg 20170722_144402.jpg 20170722_144356.jpg 20170722_144325.jpg
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  6. Can't see any rot mate, keep a close eye you should notice leaves dying rotting first and that should be epicentre. If your worried removing the odd fan leave won't be a problem at this stage just to improve airflow
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  7. The pot on the left looks bigger to me mate, what size are they? I've just chucked my cheese in a 76l IMG_6558.JPG
  8. Cheers mate yeah theyve just got like a brown tinge around a few leaves.
    76L is a big pot ha ha mine are only 17l ones 25l.

    Update on mine I can see that they are starting to swell a bit now.
    I take to many pictures ha ha.

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  9. Most of mine are in 3-5 gal but the cheese has prob got another veg another 8 weeks, so I'm hoping for a tree when she's finished
  10. Youll have to keep us updated with her then, you should be set until next year by the looks of things ha ha especially if you have indoors aswell. Lovely little setup you have man im quite envious, looks like your tucked away near a field as well where about is it your based?
  11. Soo is this pic clear ebough the see if they are ready
    They are 11 weeks old now ?

    Also does this bud still look okay i cant tell anymore ha ha.

    20170728_111625.jpg 20170728_111302.jpg 20170728_111255.jpg 20170728_111258.jpg 20170728_111251.jpg 20170728_111248.jpg 20170728_111244.jpg 20170728_111132.jpg 20170728_111111.jpg 20170728_111114.jpg 20170728_111106.jpg 20170728_111103.jpg 20170728_110952.jpg 20170728_110815.jpg 20170728_110755.jpg 20170728_110750.jpg 20170728_110745.jpg 20170728_111020.jpg
  12. I'm a newbie so I'm no expert but I don't see any ambers?
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  14. IMG_6584.JPG This was week before chop I think
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    Any idea why mine could be taking so long?
    Ha ha could it be the weather cause they dont seem to be swelling to much at the moment. And yeah gave them just water the over day. Quite a bit to be honest i wasnt sure i was meant to have a bit of run off with coco.

    How much did you pull then?
  16. I thought so but there coming up to 12 weeks soon so i dont know ha ha.

  17. Best not to go by pistols as a guide to the plant being ready as some can get new ones near the end...the pistols are best used as a guide when to start checking trichomes.....only guide of when to chop to your liking is trichomes. That's my understanding anyway ha ha
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  18. Yeah I will always check the trichomes but I still cant see any sort of change do they look cloudy or clear?
  19. I'm not sure I'm the best to advice and looking at your photos I'm finding it hard to tell...I still ask for advice on mine. only harvested 2 plants so far and have my 3rd almost done. what are you using to take the pics? It is really hard at first to tell the difference but it helped me looking at the pics of trichomes on grow weed easy and comparing....


    This is how close I take the shots

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