How long for clones to root?

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  1. Hello guys I took four clones today for a first attempt at cloning. I used filtered tap water and water from my dehumidifier, PH adjusted to 6.5.

    I cut the big leaves off the stems and soaked the bottom of it in Clonex before inserting them into the cloner.

    How long does it take for clones to root? If its more than a week I might be in trouble for schedule restraints lol.

    BTW the cloner i got free from a friend who was letting it gather dust. Its Botanicare.

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  2. Realistically 10 to 21 days. Some claim to get roots in as little as 3 to 7 days, tho. so you may get lucky.
  3. Ah thank you! I was told not to nute the water or anything, just use clean clear water ph adjusted to the proper levels. I hope it works!!

    10-21 days eh? Well that isnt too bad, it just means it has to be moved back into my closet when I hit the switch next week. :-(
  4. Hey Bajhshot,

    Every strain is different. I've never seen a clone properly rooted for transplant in less than 10 days. 14 is about average. That said, I have a REALLY stubborn strain of Chocolope that I get like 50% success rate, and it takes like a month to get even root bumps.

    Your results are also dependent on how you've prepared your clones. There's a bit of an art, and a bit of luck to it all, too. You'll you get better at it in time.

    It sounds like you're doing the right thing. I prefer not to use any additives. Be sure you have a lot of bubbles, or plenty of spray (depending on type of cloner you have.)

    Good luck!
  5. 5.8

    this is the target... remove the water... and get some fresh in there... 5.8
  6. bring ur ph down to about 5.5 next time i use the same machine with a little bit of superthrive in my rez and i get signs of roots in 4 days and developed in about 7 i had problems with rooting before it was my ph also keep off the N right before u cut it off ur mother N slows root process this should help man good luck:D

  7. Okay Ill redo my rez when I get home and put clean water PH adjusted to 5.8, I have read somewhere that this is the correct ph but I forgot. Thanks for reminding me!
  8. I am running a couple of strains right now. one of the strains takes a week, and the other one takes about 5 weeks. So hopefully you get lucky. What kind of time constraints? You know it takes around three months to grow....right?

    Plus from my experience, I have had better experience using Clonex in the water up to 300 PPM at 5.8 PH. I used to use tap water but I saw better results with using clonex in the actual water. I'm not saying either way is better though.
  9. Well I redid my rez at 5.8 and redipped in clone gel (to be sure) and got everything going good and strong.

    I will update this thread with the results (even though I dont actually know what they are, they could be the satori, but i got mixed up when i repotted so :confused: LOL

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