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How does a euphoric marijuana or thc high feel?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justin Jason, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Im someone who has been trying to get used to the idea of trying marijuana or thc products, and havent been able to get myself access to any legal recreational or medicinal products yet.

    Im trying to get approved for a medical marijuana card, and hopefully will be able to have medical marijuana or thc products after being approved. Until then, im trying to find out what certain highs feel like from marijuana or thc products.

    Euphoric highs are what im looking for in marijuana or thc products, and im trying to find out what to expect as far as how theyll make me feel if i have them.

    Euphoria sounds pleasant, and the term euphoic high sounds like ill be happy, uplifted, physically and psychologically feel good, feel excited, outgoing, and orgasmic in a non sexual way.

    Id compare it to feeling well beyond my natural ability to feel positive and pleasant, and feeling the marijuana or thc products euphoric high so well i can be taken aback by it and left to seek it in the future.

    I dont know if thats an accurate description or not, but thats why im trying to find out here if it is. Is that an accurate description? Is that not accurate? How would marijuana or thc highs feel of that type? Euphoric ones?
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    Welcome to Grasscity, Justin. You're describing a Sativa high. With a Sativa tincture I don't think I'm "stoned", but lifted, just like you describe. I find myself just feeling good, laughing my head off, just generally happy. Smoking a Sativa has the same effects. Sativas also make me motivated to do projects or house work. I find cannabis helps keep my mood stable( bipolar). Indicas Make me feel good, too., but more of a laid back high.Good luck, mate.
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    It's not an instant happy drug if that is what your looking for. However. LOL it can be. I know doesn't make much sense to you quite yet.

    Everybody reacts slightly to really differently to many drugs and Cannabis is no exception to that rule.
    I live on Cannabis both for medical reasons (post surgical pain) and for recreation as I just plain like the way it makes me feel.
    Happy ? Euphoric ? Not really. I'd say more an altered state of consciousness.
    "Stoned" is, was, and shall always be a good word for it.

    We have the two major types of cannabis.
    Sativa is the more up beat, get up and go version but it can feel like your brain is in overdrive and on fire with thoughts running this way and that so fast your dizzy from it.
    Indica tends to be a bit more laid back, set on the couch and watch some TV. Can feel like your arms are lead and your weighted down.

    Then we have the way it interacts with your individual personality type. Some people just don't like the high. Makes them paranoid and they wanna hide in the closet when they smoke it.

    Past that you have the method of use. Smoked, Vaped or Tinctured is Delta-9-THC the relatively mild version.
    Eaten is a whole new game of 11-Hydroxy-THC that your Liver creates from Delta-9-THC.
    5 times stronger and 10 times longer lasting with a much more involved body high this can be way more then most people expect and is where new users get into serious difficulty as they are just way to hammered for what they thought was a reasonable dose.

    A high eaten dose can feel very psychedelic with distorted vision, hearing, body sensations from feeling like your covered in ants to worse. It's all your head messing with you but it can get intense and some find it down right scary.

    Even long time users like myself of over 40 years use can get seriously wasted to where I'm extremely uncomfortable.
    We're experienced enough to NOT call 911 knowing it will wear off in several hours and you can't die from cannabis no matter how ripped you may feel it does eventually wear off and does no permanent harm.

    An instant happy pill ? Not quite.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Your messing with your brains chemistry. What could possibly go wrong ? LMAO


  5. My first input is that much of the indica verus sativa input on cannabis sites and in above posts is BS:

    Characterizing Cannabis

    "So then why do companies market indica and sativa products? Simple – because that is what consumers expect. So a cycle has been formed that is now difficult to break. Budtenders explain the supposed difference in indica and sativa, people believe in this difference, which creates a market demand for sativa or indica-specific strains/products, companies continue to brand products as indica or sativa to meet market demand, and then idea that there is such a difference is further reinforced."

    As a long time low tolerance infrequent user, indica versus sativa has no obvious differences in the high effects while at the same time other cannabinoids do affect medicinal effects that does include to some extent the way a high feels. Unlike daily users that have unbalanced neural chemicals due to depletion, I am just as euphoric and active using either strain if THC levels are similar. Many of the effects heavy users swear by like couch-lock never happen to this person unless I have been consuming for multiple days. Thus if one really wants to know how you will feel when first exploring cannabis you should not be asking frequent users with little science knowledge.

    I've been smoking occasionally for decades. Most that post on this board are obviously hard core frequent consumers that have strong tolerance levels. Some of those consume a bit each day while others consume all through their days most every day. Statistically however there are 4 times as many like this person that consume less often. From comments here, many hard core obviously think there is not much difference between the feel of a high between those with little tolerance and themselves. In fact some seem to think they are experiencing stronger highs with their daily mega doses from concentrates and edibles than others as though it is all about quantity thus if one has higher tolerance one just needs to consume more for equivalent effects.

    And that is simply untrue because the current state of one's chemical nervous system is also a significant factor in the sensual nature of how high and how strong such is. From my brief time on this site, it is obvious the majority of members here have a poor understanding of the physiology of our nervous systems. Instead they get high and listen to what like others say and incorporate such into their personal understanding. If someone is serious about discussing what is going on during a cannabis high they first should understand what THC in cannabis actually does. It is at our synapses that THC binds to CB1 receptacle molecules. Read the first sections of the following including the short video:

    Also more here on these links though more technical:

    CB1 receptors:

    "The CB1 receptor is a pre-synaptic heteroreceptor that modulates neurotransmitter release when activated in a dose-dependent, stereoselective and pertussis toxin-sensitive manner. The CB1 receptor is activated by cannabinoids, generated naturally inside the body (endocannabinoids) or introduced into the body as cannabis or a related synthetic compound."

    When one has THC in their bloodstream, it binds to CB1 receptor sites that results in an unnatural excessive amount of neurotransmitters between synaptic gaps and over the period one is high, a deficit of neurotransmitters results at synapses necessary for normal nerve functionality because using cannabis has depleted more of these chemicals than the body can replace in a short time. Thus it takes hours to days for chemicals at synaptic gaps to return to normal balanced levels. In a depleted state hippies of my day used to call "mellow", it is simply impossible to reach the same strong level of a fresh clean high. Note other hallucinogenic drugs have like tolerance issues for the same reason because it is not just the amount of such drugs consumed that affects how high or how long one will be high but rather that plus the state of one's own body neurochemicals.
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