how did you find out about GC?

Discussion in 'General' started by oscarsi, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. how did you find found about grasscity [:?

    i dont remember about mine,
    but i googled something marijuana related and first link came up to this wonderful place.
  2. My buddy at school was like "...hey, dipshit, go to the city"

    I regret waiting like 6 months to actually register :p
  3. stumbleupon.
  4. hm i already started this thread about a month ago

    it was pretty damn successful

    good luck
  5. I found out after one of my friends told me about this crazy ganja he saw on one of the threads here. After that we both registered.
  6. Was on 420magazine forums and somebody linked me to here
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    When I googled something involved in growing marijuana...:cool:
  8. i googled bong and the third thing was the city
  9. I was googling images on Google and one of them was hosted here. :smoking:

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