Home made compost and tea question(s)

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  1. Good morning. I had a few questions about compost teas and compost if anyone has the time or experience, what you know would be greatly appreciated. I recently decided to start doing my own composting and tea making but really not shure if what Im doing is effective.
    So usually what I do is take about 2 scoops of compost mix with about 3 gallons of water, add around 1/4 cup of EWC and a tsp of brown sugar and let it bubble with portable air pumps for an hour or so. Then I strain through a 25 micron bag and funnel into jugs and bubble again for an hour before feeding to the plants.
    Is there anything wrong with this method? I know I could brew/bubble longer but is my quick method effective as well?

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  2. I've brewed Heisenberg tea before and it worked great. I did it when I got root rot. Now I only use Great White for the roots, I'm lazy so that's why I use it.
  3. Is that what this is? Heisenberg tea? Or is that an example of a style that you used and worked? I have no way of testing what is coming out the compst and ending up in the tea, so I don't know if its helpful or not. I've done it maybe 4 times already and the plants aren't dead, so I guess I'm on the better end of the spectrum.

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