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  1. So Ive noticed my plants are becoming herms. They were bag seed so I did expect it. I have no choice but to pick off pollen sacks due to my financial situation right now. if I pick off the sacks with militant discipline how much less of a yeild can I expect.

    Here's my grow

    New account calls for a new grow diary
  2. Depends but its probably not even worth it

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  3. free seeds for the next grow...
  4. Do not reuse those seeds and you should get rid of plant seeds will have exact same genetics and hermie and pollinate your grow area get rid of plant
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  5. I won't be using the seeds for that reason man.
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  7. Seeded cannabis can be potent cannabis in spite of the seeds. There is less yield, but I have gone ahead and grown out hermies in situations like yours. Good luck, mate.
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  8. Thanks for the encouragement mate. I'm hoping it goes well!

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