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Help with first time hydro.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Joedahoe, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Ive seen online that people dont recommend the bubble boy system for more than one plant. but i only need one :D so my question is in regards to using the bubble boy single shot

    Hydroponic Grow Kit System 1 Plant Single Site DWC One Waterfarm Bucket Bubbler | eBay

    1. what nutrients would be good for the system? (they have to be liquid)
    i was looking at fox farms since i like their soil.

    2.would a cheap $15 ph meter from home depot work? an ec meter necessary?

    some say yes some no?

    i only ask about the nutrients since ive never used liquid nutrients.

    all answers appreciated :D

  2. I am just wrapping up my very first grow in the next week or so, I am doing a DIY bubble ponics thing. I run the Technaflora Recipe for Success and I am pleased with the results. I don't know what they want for the kit but I bet you could build it cheaper. Good luck! I chose technaflora because it is a well rounded full line and it was on the cheap, 2 kits at $40 a piece has gotten me more than through this grow.
  3. Yeah it wont let me see your grow :confused:

    But do i need a ppm? Or an ec meter?

    I hear bits o everything oline
  4. 1) I will never use anything other than aquaflakes as base and it will mix well with any additives you may want to use later on. They are affordable, and can be used the whole way through as the only nutrient if you want. I never have deficiencies. Very easy to use, and lasts forever and so potent it does not take much (300-500ppm).

    2) No. Get a digital meter from ebay. I aint been to a home depot but my local hardware stores do not carry pH meters for water. If it is just like the pens on ebay then yeah go for it.

    3) Yes. Can't grow hydro efficiently without knowing your ec/ppm levels. The pens you need are like $10-20 from ebay. Read my meters section in my simple dwc thread in my sig.
  5. Link worked for me.
  6. There is a vast difference between being efficient and effective. Never said it could not be done without meters.

    Also I would never advise a novice to skip a $20 investment to help them be more precise as well as if they ever need help on here people will want to know their ppm/ec as well as pH.

  7. thanks man +rep. aquaflakes? ill google
    but are they easy to get?
  8. Yup can get them from ebay too. Look for the A+B. looks like this:


    was only $21 when I just googled for it.

  9. haha this is the only nutes ill need?

    and what size bottles works for 1 plant?

  10. Yup it's all you need. The small 1 liter bottles will last years just doing one plant at a time :D

  11. haha YES!

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