help with feeding please>>>>> dont want her to die :-(

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by whoski, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. shes is hsowing yellowing on lowwer leaves and still got about 5-6 weeks of flowering

    looks like lak of nitrogen, but how would i know if it was salt build up???

    as i only feed 2 out of three waters???

    and fort soil was a natural buffer for PH levels??
  2. Some pics would help out your cause

  3. will do but have to be tomorrow now as in night mode lol

    any ideas in mean time though
  4. Seems like Nitrogen, what nutes are you using? Just kinda hard to go with yellowing leaves. Does the plant seem healthy otherwise?
  5. Yeah the plants look nice, looks like you will end up with some fat nuggs. I would bet it is lack of nitrogen but I am not an expert just trying to help out. Only been growing for 10 months but have made all the mistakes along the way. Really starting to get great results now(not that it was ever horrible).

  6. made few misstakes and got one tip< dont grow alaskan ice hahha genetics are fucked

    will show ya pics tomorrow, so if nitrogen, what can do, on that like is list of nuts and grow setup
  7. There is a few things you can do but the easiest would to feed with nutes high with N once or twice and see how that does.
  8. Exactly...give it ONE feeding of your grow fertz...
  9. it is very common to have yellowing on few lower leaves durring last few weeks of flowering.

    check the ph run off of your plant. and adjust if you need to.

    if its only a few leaves i wouldnt worry. if you notice it on upper leaves.. well

    just read the link in my signature. it'll give you great ideas and help identify the problem

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