Help my plant is sick!

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    16 days ago my one plant started to look sad I had problems with my soil it weirded me out. It wasn't absorbing any kind of water in result the water stayed stagnant and mold appeared the next day. I scraped off the mold put fans blowing over the medium waited a day or two and i transplanted early for both into 3 gallon pots of 50/50 happy frog and ocean forest. While the healthy lookin one Hurkle took off and is doing great my 9lb hammer is still looking sad and everything I've done for one i did to the other so I'm unsure feedback would be appreciated along with any tips or pointers. Please help my goal is to get my first harvest.

    My set up:
    2x4x5 tent
    150watt HPS
    6inch exhaust fan with carbonfilter
    Fox farm nutrient trio
    pH kit with foods and water ranging from 6.0 to 6.5 pH

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  2. Looks like the first one needs water. Second one looks fine. How far are you letting your soil dry between watering? Also the leaf hooking on the first, are you adding nutrient? If so stop. How long did you wait to transplant them into this medium?

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  3. Referring to my log I water about every 3 days I usually water if they feel light which is usually day 3 . I have yet to give the first any nutrients because it looks sad and didn't want to further complicate things. They sprouted 7/24 and i transplanted 8/4. And i only transplanted because of my soil freaking me out which seems to be fine now. I wanted to get the mold out of my tent asap and the seedlings into fresh soil. Also I'm not a fan of happy frog. Lol

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